Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recipe: Pumpkin Bread:

A family tradition I will forever continue is making Pumpkin Bread. 
I know so many who make Pumpkin Bread at the start of Fall, but for my family, it was always that week leading up to Christmas that my mom would bring out the tin bread pans, red and green saran wrap, and red and green ribbon! 

I would help my mom in the kitchen, getting everything ready. After the bread was finished, and the house smelt of the most amazing scent of pumpkin, we would wrap each loaf of pumpkin bread, tie it with some ribbon, and my mom would send my brother and I off (in sometimes matching Christmas sweaters) to deliver a loaf to each of our neighbors on our street! 

This is not only a tradition that our family looks forward to, but that each one of our neighbors looks forward to receiving a loaf of pumpkin bread this time of year! 

Now, since I can't have my mom's Pumpkin Bread anymore, we have had to alter the recipe some over the years to accommodate my dietary restrictions. This year Steven and I went with trying out the Pamela's Bread Mix that we have on stock and just adding a few other ingredients to make a yummy Pumpkin Bread! 

Follow the same Instructions and Ingredients from here.
The extra ingredients you will add in are:
1 15oz Can Pumpkin 
2 Cups Sugar
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

I found that with the extra ingredients added in, the recipe makes a little over one loaf, so I put the remaining mix into muffin cups.

I am very pleased with how it turned out!

Add a sliver of butter and a side of Spiced Eggnog...

And you have a divine Christmas treat! ;)

Now on to enjoying my yummy piece of Pumpkin Bread, and my oh so lovely eggnog, as I cuddle up close to my hubby and watch the Polar Express! 

Happy Baking! 

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  1. Oh my goodness--what an awesome tradition! I wish I was one of your lucky neighbors! :) I could just smell the aroma of pumpkin right from your post. Thanks for sharing this recipe!