Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bailey Hall:

(Yes, my first born!) ;)

I feel my little Bailey Boo has been neglected on our sweet little blog, 
so today it's all about her! 

You see, our fur children are just that... Our fur CHILDREN!
Bailey Boo and Bogey Bear were our "everything" before we had Charli. I literally sobbed like a baby when we left to go to the hospital to have charli because I was worried that Bailey wouldn't think that I loved her anymore when we brought Charli home. I have always called her my first born, hahaha! I have had Bailey since she was 6 weeks old and we are approaching her 5th Birthday on New Years Eve! 

She's my baby! 

So you see, when we moved to Charleston Bailey got sick. The Veterinarian told us she was literally 'allergic to South Carolina'... Something in the air I guess. She was on all sorts of antibiotics and medication and it luckily cleared right up. We have had a couple more reactions since the meds, but all in all she has been doing good and is healthy...

Except for her weight...

The fur babies had a Veterinarian appointment a couple of weeks ago at the clinic on the Air Force Base to get up to date on their shots. I am not sure if it was because she was a Military Vet or if our other Vet's didn't care as much about her health but our new Vet was very upset with Bailey's weight, therefore Bailey has been put on a very strict diet. 

You see, with her being my baby and all, I carry her everywhere (yes, her and Charli... no wonder I don't need to go to the gym... Good Lord!) ;) However that means she has been spoiled rotten, never really exercising... Until now!

Bailey has turned over a new leaf... She has been on her strict diet for 2 weeks now and we walk her every morning (well we were walking every morning until Thanksgiving happened...) but we are back on track! I am happy to report that little Miss Bailey went in for a checkup yesterday and lost a 1/2 LB!!!! In little doggy syndrome that is a lot! ;) The Vet wants a total of 3-4 LBS off of her to keep her healthy... 
So I think we are on to a good start! 

That's all for now! 
Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Cute!! My pup was my baby too before we had kids. And I cried like a baby and held Rascal too while I was in labor, haha! And way to go on the weight loss! :)

  2. Glad she's working on her fitness!

  3. Frankie showed up in a picture the other day and a girl who had been reading my blog for years was like 'uhhh you have a dog?' Haha how thinga change! Glad Bailey is feeling better!