Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Bailey Boo:

I can't believe our Bailey Boo is already 5 years old. 
She is growing up so fast. 
I remember like it was just yesterday that I first brought her home   ...

(I brought her home on Valentine's Day!)

This morning we woke up and sang Happy Birthday to Bailey and Charli thought it was the funniest thing! Charli has also started calling Bailey 'Blaily Boo'!
Bailey got to open up a couple of presents this morning and got a very yummy treat for breakfast! 
Perfect Birthday morning for our Birthday Girl!

And a Birthday would not be a Birthday in our house without a photo shoot!
The Birthday Girl:

Happy Birthday Bailey!
We Love You!


  1. She looks really thrilled about her birthday shoot, haha!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's!!!

    1. LOL!!! She was so thrilled... ;) She was scared of the hat! haha! Poor thing! ;) Hope you guys have a wonderful New Year's!