Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Update: Our Weekend before Christmas that consisted of lots of shopping, some ups and downs... and a Puppy:

No, we did not get a puppy for Christmas! ;) Good Lord help me if that was the case!  
We are puppy sitting for some friends of ours who went on vacation for Christmas!

Friday morning Steven took Hachi (the puppy) with him into work, which allowed Charli and I to run all of our errands, do lots of shopping, and of course hit up the Commissary! 

As Charli was napping on Friday afternoon, I had just sat down with some warm tea and a blanket as I heard something rustling in the Christmas tree... 

Yep, there was a lizard in the tree... And no I wasn't able to catch it!  

Our Friday evening consisted of pizza and Christmas movies!
And after putting Charli down for bed, Steven and I were snuggled in drinking spiked eggnog's watching more Christmas movies... 
Perfect end to our Friday right? Wrong...

As we were laying there, all of the dogs sleeping, out of nowhere our Christmas tree comes crashing down (making me spill my eggnog... not cool!) I was in complete shock (not mad or upset) that our tree just crashed to the ground... 

We got up, started cleaning the huge mess (and no I didn't take a single picture of the tragic event... again I was in complete shock), when I noticed that the 2 ornaments that shattered and could not be fixed were our NPS Monterey ornament and our brand new Charleston ornament. Luckily there were only a few more that broke but are fixable... but I was so upset as I cleaned up all of the tiny pieces from the ornaments of our very first two duty stations... 

As I continued to clean up, Steven ran out to buy another tree stand (because after further investigation, our tree fell due to the stand breaking... I thought for sure it was because of that crazy little lizard!) ;) But at midnight on Friday evening, our Christmas tree was back to its beautiful self and you wouldn't have even known!

I am so incredibly thankful that this happened when it did because it could have been a lot worst had Charli been awake or had we been gone from the house. 


Saturday morning we headed out to the Mount Pleasant Town Center.

Where we did a little shopping then let Charli go on her very first train ride!!

She was so proud of her little ticket!

 Daddy was enjoying it too! 

Charli had an absolute blast and it was definitely the highlight of our Saturday! 

Saturday afternoon was quiet and relaxing... and consisted of naps all around...

This sweet boy has been so good and has loved every minute of playing with Bailey and Bogey and Charli. Hachi was a little rambunctious when he first got here (as expected), but I think it is safe to say that he has settled in nicely 

(but he sure does miss his mommy and daddy!)

Saturday evening was more running around and shopping (because doesn't everyone wait until the weekend before Christmas to do most of their shopping?!) ;)
And we ended the night with yet more spiked eggnog and a Christmas movie!! 
(I could get used to this nightly routine)! ;)


It seemed that everyone slept in on Sunday morning, giving us a lazy start to our day, and some snuggle playtime for two boys...

We did get out, did some more shopping, and had a little Family Froyo Date

 Are you sure this is my baby?? Because right now... I just don't believe it!

Then while Charli was napping, mommy was able to get out of the house all by herself to do some shopping alone (it's the little things)!! This trip was to find a replacement Charleston ornament... And of course they were all sold out :( 
I was devastated...
So I headed back home.

Once Charli was up from her nap, Steven had one last idea to find our ornament... 
So we piled into the car and headed to The Citadel Mall to check the last boutique we knew of...
And thank the good Lord, because they had it!!!!! Woohoo!! One happy girl right here! :)
And on top of that, Steven surprised me with a pedicure while he and Charli did some last minute shopping without me!
Couldn't have asked for a better ending to what seemed to start out as a tragic weekend! 

And to make it even better, after Charli was fast to sleep, snuggling with my hubby in our hammock in the backyard, looking up at the clear nights sky talking about stars! 
And we went to bed and lived happily ever after...

Ohhhhhh wait... 

As I was sitting here writing this, Steven yells from the kitchen to hurry quick... I jumped up and ran to him to find water pouring out of one of the light sockets in the kitchen... And a couple of lovely water spots on the ceiling... GREAT...  
Steven turned off the water, we called our emergency maintenance line, and in 20 minutes at 11:30PM he was here to check everything out for us.

We are so thankful that it was nothing major and they were able to fix it! 

Now that concludes our weekend!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Pre-Christmas weekend! 
We are looking forward to family arriving tomorrow and being able to spend the week with them!!! 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like fun. You have a pretty tree. Have a Merry Christmas!