Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are you ready for some Football:

College Football starts this week, and Gator Football is only 4 days away!! I am excited to say that Steven and I will be in Gainesville with some of our best friends this Saturday for the first game of the season and I CANNOT wait!!!! 

So in honor of Florida Football, this Momma has been on her 'craft game' today with some more DIY!! 

It is the same Tutu as this one so follow the instructions found there! 

And of  course I had to make sure Charli Adele was fully ready, so I made this amazingly adorable applique onesie!! Again, follow the same instructions found here on how to make the applique's! And I just made a few stitches to attach the ribbon to the football! Super easy, Super adorable, and Game Day ready!!!

And here is a picture of our Little Gator, sporting her OOTD today! Those Mary Jane's... too much I tell ya! 

Happy Tuesday, Happy Crafting, and GO GATORS! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Update: Our weekend with Nana:

All of the grand babies were patiently awaiting Nana's arrival on Thursday evening...

And she made it to us safe and sound!

Friday started with a morning walk in the neighborhood

And yes, those are baby running shorts on Charli!! I die!

Followed by an afternoon adventure to the Firefly Vodka Distillery!
This was a must-do when my mom said she was coming into town!!

Completely normal people... Baby at a Vodka tasting with her Nana! Charli is a natural... Wine tastings and Vodka tastings for this little lady!

Followed by a little picnic outside at the Distillery!

This girl and her cheese... Let me tell ya!

And the visit would not have been complete without a quick stop to see the animals and butterflies!

Charli is absolutely fascinated with trees, plants, flowers, and just about anything 'nature'!

Friday evening we surprised my mom with her birthday present... Tickets to the Hootie and the Blowfish concert!! She was so excited, and I was even more excited that I was able to join her! A little Mommy/Daughter concert date while Daddy stayed home on baby duty?! I'll take it!! 

The concert was held on Daniel Island at the Family Circle Cup (Tennis Stadium). It was a great venue and not a bad seat in the house!

 It was a perfect evening spent with my mom, and was seriously the best concert!! Happy Birthday again Mom!

Saturday Steven had his Fantasy Football draft, so my mom, Charli and I lounged around in the morning and then headed to the outlets to do a little shopping!! :) 

Then it was off to Henry's First Birthday Carnival when Steven got home!

We had an absolute blast with some new friends we have made and Emily did such an amazing job on the party! So glad we could be a part of his celebration! 

Charli had a blast with all of the games!

The Birthday Boy

Daddy's girl?? Ya think!

'Charli, how old is Henry?'

Charli and Henry!

Sunday morning we headed to church, then on to base to show my mom where Steven works... First stop along the way was to visit Charlie...

Hey Charlie!

Charlie is an 800LB Gator who lives in the pond right by Steven's office

 And that is Charlie's little lady and babies

Then we said goodbye to my mom after we put Charli down for her nap...
I love that we live so close to family now though... Because we will be seeing her again on Thursday (we are headed to Jax for the holiday weekend)!!!

After Charli woke up from her nap, we decided to take advantage of the Water Park that is 5 minutes from our house (and because next weekend is the last weekend it is open, and since we will be in Jacksonville, this was our last chance to check it out, until next summer).

 This was Charli's very first Water Park adventure and she had an absolute blast (as did Steven and I)! The park had so many different areas, from 2 kiddie areas that Charli could run around and play in (including a baby water slide that she could go on with us), to a wave pool, a lazy river (that she was also able to float down with us, sitting in our lap on the tube), to bigger water slides that both Steven and I were able to enjoy as well! Charli did get her first scrapped knee while we were there, but it didn't even phase her and definitely didn't ruin the fun!

 Out of everything there, Daddy was still her favorite thing to play with! Such a Daddy's girl and I love it!

Yes you will!!!!! 

After we got home, had dinner, put Charli down for bed (which by the way was the very first night Steven put her down while I was home, and she got zero boob... I think our little girl will be 100% weaned by the end of the week...) :(... not too sure how I feel about that one, Steven and I had a nice little date night movie night!
It was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well, and Happy Monday!