Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Update: The End of June and Some Simple Summer Fun:

I can't believe June is coming to a close and we will be welcoming July in just a couple short days!

Steven had Friday off and we were ready to get out of the house to enjoy some fun in the sun as a family. We cherish our time together as a family and the fun things we get to do, but we appreciate it even more so now (if that is even possible), since I am unable to just get up and go whenever I want. So the only time Charli and I really get out of the house is when Steven is home, so we were so excited to take full advantage of having Daddy all to ourselves on Friday! 

After we woke up and had breakfast, we headed straight to the County Park near our house so Charli could run around at The Sprinkler. 

She had an absolute blast! It is so nice that she is at the age where we can just sit and watch her play!

After The Sprinkler we decided to swing into the Water Park area since we have season passes to let her run around some more and of course go down the water slides... Her favorite thing to do! Seriously the child dragged Steven down the slide about 20 times!

 Then it was back to the house for lunch and naps. 

The rest of our Friday was pretty low key as Daddy left to head up to Columbia for his last races of the season that were on Saturday, and the thunderstorms rolled in. 
Friday was a quiet evening all around!

Saturday morning was gross, rainy, and grey and consisted of a whole lot of lounging around, a little bit of "illegal laundry" (which Steven likes to call it, since I really am not supposed to be doing it), and playing for us girls

 While Steven started his first race of the day up in Columbia

He said he didn't do as good as he would have liked but he still placed 6th out of about 50 racers which I still think is amazing! 
He had one more race that afternoon before heading back home to us! 

The sun finally came out after nap and since I was feeling good, Charli and I headed out back for some sprinkler fun and popsicle treats!

We may not be able to do all of the super fun summer things that I would like, due to my current situation and I may have some mighty fine guilt about it weighing down my heart, but running through the sprinkler and eating popsicles in the backyard are two little things that we can enjoy this summer! And for me and my family those little things bring us true joy! 
It is simple summer fun at its best!

 Steven arrived back home just in time for us to sit down as a family for dinner and take Charli up for bath and bed! Then we curled up in bed and watched my favorite new show Gossip Girl! I have never watched it and have now been sucked in due to Netflix (and bed rest). We are on Season 2 and I seriously can't get enough and I love that Steven will watch it with me! 
Perfect ending to our Saturday!

This morning we had our Sunday waffles and headed out to the garage so I could supervise and delegate tasks to Steven for several DIY projects that I have and can't work on due to not being able to bend over. So I sat in my chair and put him to work! ;) 
Charli loves helping daddy work too

It was a super hot day so we headed up to the pool so Steven and Charli could cool off before lunch.
Yet another thing I am unable to do due to my current situation... be submerged in water...
So being 8 months pregnant in the dead heat of a southern summer and I can't even get in the pool... Gotta love it...

After we got home and put Charli down for nap, I too curled up and passed out for a good couple of hours. When I finally woke up I found Charli and Steven back out in the garage working on some more crafts for me! We spent the rest of the day in the garage crafting while Charli played with the neighbors before the thunderstorm rolled in. 

It was truly a perfect, relaxing, family kind of Sunday! 
And we are another week down with baby boy staying put! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet Buoy:

The newest member to our family
Buoy the Betta Fish
(or in Charli's words... Boobie the Sushi)

It is pretty safe to say that Charli is obsessed with fishies right now; I mean will throw the best tantrum in the waiting room at the OB office if she can't go look at the fishies in the tank. 
Her favorite movies right now are Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid (thank you bed rest).
She just loves them and asks for fishies every day. 
So daddy thought, what better Daddy/Daughter date while Mommy had an appointment, than to go to the Hardware Store and Pet Store to pick out her very own fish!

I so wish I could have been there to see her face, Steven said it was hilarious how excited she was!

Steven went with a Betta Fish as they are very low maintenance and got Buoy all set up in his brand new home!

I have to admit that when I got home and went and looked at him I started crying because he looked so lonely, sad, and didn't have any friends to play with, and then asked Steven how he could do this to this poor little fishy...
(seeeeeriously pregnancy hormones... get it together)

 Steven said he was a lot happier than being in that tiny little bag, now he has a home (ok, ok, good point). Then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't get any other fish to keep him company as Betta Fish are very aggressive and will eat the other fish... (insert pregnancy hormones)... 
Ohhhhh great, so now we have a killer fish in our home! ;)

I have since got over it and am so happy that Charli has another little buddy in the house to look at, point at, and talk to. And let's be honest, hearing her say Boobie the Sushi is hilarious and adorable!! 

So welcome to the family Buoy!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Update: South Carolina State Cycling Championship and a whole lot of nothing else:

I would like to first start with an update on myself and baby boy as I had an appt Thursday afternoon...

Baby boy is doing amazing and looking absolutely perfect and healthy! He is actually measuring a few weeks bigger than I am and currently weighs 4 pounds! Thankfully through everything that has been going on he is staying mighty strong!

I am still 1-2cm dilated, the doctor said my cervix is now extremely soft (over share), I have now developed an infection that they have put me on more medication to take care of, and am still on modified bed rest. I lost another pound but thankfully they aren't TOO concerned because baby boy is so big! They have already started mentioning/talking about/planning for an induction but would like baby boy to stay put for as long as possible.
All in all, it was a good visit and we were happy with the news!


Friday was just another day of Charli and I laying around playing. I have to admit that this bed rest stuff is not as easy as it looks. I am having a very difficult time staying put and find myself doing little things here and there that I shouldn't be doing; bending over, picking up things, doing too much laundry, etc. I have been good with catching myself and immediately stopping and asking Charli to help mommy pick something up! She has been an absolute trooper I tell ya!

After Steven got home from work, he surprised me with another prenatal massage that evening!!
So I headed out for some 'me' time!
The massage was amazing and just what I needed! 
On top of that, I came home to homemade Chicken Parmesan on the dinner table and my Friday evening glass of wine! 
Seriously, he is too good to me!
Thank you again honey for a wonderful Friday evening! I love you!

Saturday morning we headed up to Columbia for Steven to race in the South Carolina State Crit Cycling Championship. Charli and I missed last weekend when Steven raced in the Time Trial for the state title and placed 1st. So I was so excited that my Doctor allowed me to travel with him so we could be there to cheer him on! 
Even if it was the hottest first day of Summer ever (seriously it was over 100 degrees).

He looked absolutely amazing and placed 3rd!!
 We couldn't be more proud!
Way to go Steven!!

He also received his very first paycheck from racing and I'm pretty sure Charli knew exactly where that would be going! ;) haha! 

(If you want to watch his race from his point of view you can watch the video he recorded on his GoPro, it's pretty cool if you have never seen a crit before, although it made me nervous)

Steven was also interviewed by the local news because of his race. 
You can see some of the footage Here

The rest of our Saturday consisted of me laying down while Steven mowed the grass and then let Charli play in the pool for a little bit until the nasty Summer thunderstorm rolled in. 

 This morning Steven headed out for a short ride (at 6 am) and when he got home made Sunday morning waffles! Later this morning I started to get extremely sick so you could imagine what the rest of the day looked like...

Me laying in bed all day
Steven and Charli playing in the backyard
Steven and Charli playing in the pool
A 3 hour nap for Charli
A nice nap for Mommy
Steven doing the grocery shopping
And a whole lot of nothing else...

I will say being stuck in bed all day today was not how I wanted to spend my Sunday, but having these two by my side cuddling with their mama made it a little better!
My bed rest buddies! 

I've still been really sick this evening and we are calling it an early night...
Here is to hoping tomorrow is better!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!