Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Update: Memorial Day Weekend:

It was a lovely holiday weekend... With lots of warmth, sunshine, pool, family, and friends! But it was not perfect, since Steven is not here. 

We started our weekend off with a girls day on Friday with my mom, that consisted of lots of shopping, margaritas, and chips and salsa! I'd say, that is a perfect way to kick off a long weekend! 

Saturday morning, my mom, Charli, and I ran some errands. Then it was back to the house to enjoy the sun, poolside! Uncle Amia and Leelan (Steven and Amia's sister, Jettie's fiance! Yes, my sister-in-law just got engaged, and we are so excited for her! Congrats guys!), came over to enjoy the pool and sun as well! It was a perfect Saturday, with lots of Banana Daiquiri's (made by my dad... which I might add, my dad makes killer drinks!)

Sunday was our annual Memorial Day party with friends and family at "Banana Bob's" (Yes, my parents have a Cabana/Bar in their backyard, built by my dad!) 

It is always such a fun time spent with everyone, and I am so thankful we could be home this year to be here for it! 

My Strawberry Lemonade Sangria that I made!

Uncle Darren

Charli loves swimming in the pool with her Uncle Amia!

Alan and Ellie!

I think the hat is just a hair too small... Just a hair!

Charli with Uncle Buck!

3 generations!

Charli loving on Aunt Hannah

Me and my Han! (Best friends since middle school!)

After a very fun and busy Sunday, it was nice to have a very relaxing Memorial Day on Monday! My Grandma (Boo Boo) and my Aunt came over in the morning, just to get some more snuggles from a certain you know who! ;)

Charli sporting her red, white, and blue on her very first Memorial Day! 

Koda wanted in!

And so did Mommy! (wearing our red, white, and blue skirts!)

Then it was an afternoon poolside! This little one sure loves the water!

And thanks Uncle Darren for letting us use your laundry basket while you weren't home! It was perfect!

Happy Memorial Day and hope you had an awesome weekend filled with sun and fun, and family and friends! (We sure missed Daddy though)

Happy Memorial Day:

If you know me, you know I am very patriotic, and I love the holidays where we can celebrate America, our Military, and wear Red, White, and Blue! (Our wedding colors were even Red, White, Navy, and Khaki)! But today I also celebrate that it was 3 years ago that I was with my family in Jost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands), and it was on this very day, at sunset, on the water, in front of Foxy's Bar, that Steven got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! 

You might be wondering why I was wearing a t-shirt over my dress?! Well, Foxy's bar is best known for people leaving their t-shirts stapled up all over the bar, so Steven had t-shirts made (but told me that all of the shirts had our names, date, and Jacksonville, FL on them, so we could leave the shirts at the bar)... Come to find out, only my shirt had my name on it! So when I came walking out to the water, and saw my parents and brother wearing shirts that said "Will." "You." "Marry." (true story, first thing I thought of was... "My mom's name is Debbi, not Marry?! I was so confused! LOL! True blonde moment people!) and when I looked at Steven he was down on one knee, and his shirt said "Me?"!  It was the absolute best proposal and such a neat idea and I am so lucky we have all of these pictures from that moment in our life! 

And of course he had a shirt made with "Yes"! (I did ask him if he had a back up shirt that said "No.", LOL!) He didn't! haha!

I am so thankful for that day, and could not imagine my life without him! He is the best husband and father 2 girls could ask for! I love you Steven! 

Now on to the real reason we celebrate today...  Let's all take a moment and remember all of those brave men and women who have served our country, fighting for our freedom and to keep the people of The United States of America safe, but lost their lives. We should all wear our Red, White, and Blue proudly, and truly remember, that they made the ultimate sacrifice! 

I am very proud to say that all of my Grandfathers have served in the Navy and Army and I have Uncles who served as well. My Uncle Kenny, who is no longer with us fought in war and served our country proudly. He received a purple heart and a Bronze Star during the Vietnam War. He was a true Heroic man!

I think about him and my Grandfather and Step-Grandfathers who are no longer with us, every day, wishing, and praying, they could have met my daughter... But I know they look down with love, and they see the beauty of our family within her! I know they would all be so proud of the Mother I have become! To them, and to ALL of the service men and women who are no longer with us, THANK YOU, and today we honor and remember you!  

All gave some, some gave all. Remember the fallen. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update: From Jacksonville!:

Thursday we said the very last of our goodbye's and got one last group shot of Charli with some of her friends!

Charli sure was such a loved little girl, and I will always hold all of our friendships very close to my heart! We miss you all already!

Sweet little Livi and her amazing mommy and daddy ran outside as we were pulling away, and Livi yelled "wait, love you"! That was the absolute best last thing to hear! We love you guys!

So it was goodbye friends and goodbye home

Our car was packed full with 5 bins, one large dog crate (with Bogey inside), one small 'Bailey carry on", a baby with her carseat, base, 2 strollers, and a mommy and daddy with a carry on each! And yes we looked like "those people" walking through to get checked in!! The looks we got that said "Oh God, I hope they aren't on our flight", was hilarious!! Sorry peeps, we are moving back East!

So it was off to the airport to take the red eye to Jacksonville! I was so nervous with taking the red eye this time (Charli is seriously the best little traveler EVER and sleeps the ENTIRE time while on the planes), but with her being 10 months old now (meaning mobile and the fact that she is all over the place while sleeping these days too), teething, and a mommy and daddy who were both sick... I just knew we were in for a very long eventful night... But our little traveler had us worried for nothing! Before our plane even made it to the runway, our sweet little passenger was sound asleep on mommy, and didn't wake up until we were landing! WOOHOO!! And she did the same on our second flight from Atlanta to Jacksonville! :) 

And so we made it back to the East Coast safe and sound on Friday morning! 

Friday was a day of relaxing, napping, unpacking, hanging by the pool, Charli meeting her Uncle Amia for the first time, and getting Charli, the dogs, and I settled in to my parents house! We are so lucky that we are able to take a month and a half long vacation before making our move up to Charleston! 

After a very relaxing Saturday morning of sleeping in, we headed downtown with the Uncle's to check out Uncle Amia's new place and to grab some lunch at the Burrito Gallery! 

Amia is also in the Navy and has been in Italy for 3 years and is now stationed in Jacksonville!!! It is so great to have him home, and Charli sure loves her Uncles! 

Then it was back to the house for more family time and pool time!

Doesn't every baby swim in their Nana and Papa's pool naked?!

Oh my gosh, why is this the cutest thing I have ever seen!! haha! Just love her!

There was a bathing suit after nap! ;)

Yep, pretty much explains it all! haha!

Sunday we all went out for breakfast, then Steven and my parents went and played some golf while Charli took her morning nap. (She really hasn't been too messed up with the time change either, and is sleeping great!). After nap we headed over to my best friends parents house for her sister, Caroline's Graduation Party! 

I cannot believe Caroline has graduated from high school and will be attending The University of Florida soon... I remember when Caroline was a baby, and I used to tell everyone she was my baby sister too! ;) Love you Caroline and I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! 

Charli with the Graduate! :)

Charli was getting lots of love on Sunday by so many friends who have not met her, and a few who were able to meet her while we were back home over Thanksgiving! She has changed so much though from the last time they all saw her! 

Charli with Miranda... (her future mother-in-law!) ;)

Charli with her Aunt Christie and Aunt Shay

Charli with Lauren for the first time!

Charli with Mr. Akel (Lauren's Daddy)

Charli with Mrs. Akel (Lauren's Mommy)

And then we had to say goodbye to Dada as he had to head back to Monterey to finish up his last few weeks of school and be there for when the packers/movers came first thing this morning. We love you  Daddy and miss you already and cannot wait until you come back to us! 

And our home is currently in boxes as we speak! 

Happy Monday, and hope your weekend was great!