Sunday, May 19, 2013

Charli Adele: 10 month update:

Happy 10 months to our sweet baby girl! 

I cannot believe our little Charli is 10 months old today and I am "Officially" planning her 1st Birthday! What?! That's crazy! (And let's be honest here... I have been planning thinking of ideas and what I wanted for her 1st Birthday since she was about 4 months old!) HAHA! ;) But the official "planning" has begun, and I am so excited... But seriously, why does my baby have to grow up so fast... She is such a joy and I can't imagine our lives without here! She is the funniest little personality and she is such a little person these days... Where did my baby go?

Charli's stats:
*22lbs and 29 1/2inches 
*Clothes: 9 months and 12 months, and even some 12-18 months sizes
*Teeth: Still the 6 (4 tops and 2 bottom), but she is really teething again right now.
*Diapers: still size 3 (Pampers Swaddlers). Although the store didn't have swaddlers a couple of days ago, so Steven got Pampers Cruisers to try out... (Charli has very sensitive skin, and has gotten a rash from other diapers, but so far so good with these)
*Food: She loves it! ;) haha! We are trying more and more stuff every day. She is not a picky eater at all, and loves everything we give her! Squash, Yams, Broccoli  Grapes, Apples, Pears, Avocados, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Black Beans, Crackers, Goldfish, Puffs, Veggie Sticks, Waffles, Turkey, Chicken. We are still sticking to very plain stuff... No salts, seasonings, and no sugars. She loves water and that is all she gets besides me!
*Sleep: She is still a great little sleeper. She is usually in bed and asleep by 7:15/7:30 but with being back on the East Coast these past couple of days, it has been around 9 PM, but she is sleeping until 8/8:30 AM (so I'll take it!). She still takes 2 naps a day (9 AM and 1 PM). Her naps consist of anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (but since we have been back in Jax they have been over 2 hours).
*Things she sleeps with: her "lovey" blanket, Teddy (teddy bear), Bettie (bunny thumbie), Magnolia (a cute stuffed mouse), and Lily (her Vera Bradley Bunny)
*She is so social and will let anybody hold her! She loves everyone, and she is such a love and cuddle bug when being held by others! (It is seriously adorable!)
*I can already tell though that she is starting to get a little attitude already with certain things... lol! (Every time I tell her "No", she gets this look on her face and grunts at me and hits her hand down...I wonder where she got that from?! ;)) haha!! (me- if you were wondering) ;)
*She is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up onto everything,  and "cruising" while holding on to furniture. (Not sure if she really has any interest yet in walking, but that is completely fine. I know she will walk when it is the perfect time for her. We do not push her in to doing anything. We go at her own pace!)
*She loves to share! She tries to share everything... Food, Sippy, toys (it's pretty cute, and we make sure we always say "Oh that is nice sharing", and then we say "thank you") Never too early to start teaching them good manners! ;)
*She loves getting into everything, and everything goes straight into the mouth!
*She "talks" all the time and says so many new things (things we have no idea what she is saying... but she is totally having a conversation) ;) haha! She still says "mama" or "mommy" all the time, she started to finally really say "dada" again (we went through a phase where every time we said "dada" she said "papa"), so you can add that to the list too... "papa"! She says "huh", and what sounds like "yeah" and "yep"
*She waves hi and waves bye bye (and sometimes says "bye bye")
*She still gives high fives, claps, blows raspberries, does the thing with her lips and mouth that sounds like "leler leler leler", and she does a couple of other cute little tricks (she copies me when I pretend to eat, and it is hilarious)!
*This girl loves being naked! We have nakey crawl time before bath, and now every time I put her diaper on, her hand goes straight for the straps and pulls it right off... (Obviously this makes getting her ready super easy these days...) ;)

I went ahead and took her "10 month" pictures right before we left so I could get them in her chair for one last time... (I was hoping to get each month in her chair, but with our move, her 11 month will be taken here in Jacksonville, and we should be all settled in to our new home before her 1st Birthday so she will get her last picture in her chair again!) And if you can remember from her 9 month update, I had a time getting her picture taken because all she wanted to do was eat the sticker and crawl off the chair... Well this time, I came prepared ;)! I made sure I had lots of things to distract her as I was putting the sticker and headband on (oh because that is new too... She has finally started pulling her bows out of her hair... dang it!!!! ;) but it doesn't stop momma from still putting them in her hair! haha!) But I was able to get her to sit still for a little bit and was able to capture our little girl and her funny personality! 

I guess the distractions didn't last too long... She realized it was on her head! :)

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet girl and we love watching you grow and learn every day! You are absolutely amazing and we couldn't imagine our lives without you! 
Happy 10 months!  

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