Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gig Harbor- Part II:

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, and it started with breakfast and mimosas! (Pretty perfect if you ask me!)

And Charli starring out at the view! 

My cousins Kasey and Kirby got to the beach just as Charli was waking up from her morning nap!

Charli with her cousin Kirby

Don't think she was quite awake yet! haha

Charli and Kasey

And with all the extra hands in the house, I took full advantage of going paddle boarding! I made Steven go with me too! :) This was both our first time paddle boarding and I had so much fun! It was a perfect way to start the day! 

It was 85 degrees (which was a record high for this time of year), so what better way to enjoy the weather on Cinco de Mayo, than being poolside with margaritas in hand of course! My Uncle Gary, Sarah, and Olivia also came over, and this was Uncle Gary's first time meeting Charli! 

We spent all day in the pool, and this was Charli's first "real" time being IN the pool. Back in February, when we went to San Diego, we put her legs in the pool for the very first time, but the water was still a bit chilly and she rashed up pretty bad so that was the end of that. We also did a Tuesday Playgroup at the neighborhood pool one morning, but again, I just let her feet touch the water. But this time she went all the way in and she LOVED it! She loved splashing daddy and kicking her feet in the water! We even dunked her a few times and she did so great! She is definitely a water baby that's for sure! (Maybe she will be a swimmer like her mommy)!

And she loved her new floaty that Aunt Cari got her!

After all the sunshine and swimming for our little girl, she crashed for her afternoon nap! And while she was sleeping, I did some more paddle boarding! :)

After her nap it was back out to the pool for some more fun in the sun! 

Charli with her Aunt Cari (chewing on Sarah's goggles!)

Me and Uncle Paul

Family picture in the pool! 

And this is what it is really like! haha! 


Hey Kase!

Steven made his famous Enchiladas for dinner, then it was off to bed for Charli! I think her first Cinco de Mayo was perfect! After putting her down, I went out on the paddle board for a little sunset sesh and it was so beautiful and relaxing! What a perfect way to end such an amazing day! 

Then we grabbed a glass of wine to watch our final sunset of the weekend! 

After we got all packed up on Monday morning we walked out to the beach for one last time before we left. And there is nothing sweeter than seeing my daughter on the very beach that my Nana grew up at, my mom grew up at, and that I also grew up at! 

One last picture with her Aunt Cari! (Which is one of Charli's namesakes! Cari Adele and Charli Adele!)

Then it was off to the airport we went. Our weekend flew by (which it always seems to when we visit), but it is good to be home, because we are in our very last week here in Monterey, and we have a lot to do before we leave and before the movers come to pack up our home. 

Hope your weekend was just as fun and filled with family and sunshine! ;)

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  1. I've always wanted to learn how to paddle board! I'm hoping that I'll be able to at our next duty station. It's a bit too chilly here!