Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Southern Birthday:

It has been so nice being back in the South, and close to home! While we loved being in Monterey, CA, it has been SO nice to be hot again in the Summertime, and my birthday was no exception! ;)

My birthday morning started out perfect... waking up to my two loves (even though Charli didn't get the memo that it was Mommy's birthday and she wanted to just sleep in, just for a little bit), but it was a perfect morning full of giggles and talking in Mommy and Daddy's bed, before Daddy had to go to the Doctor... (which meant Mommy also didn't get breakfast in bed... Rats...), but she did get a Mimosa brought up to her first thing!!!! (And this my friends is why I love my husband!) 

When Steven got home from the Doctor, he made a wonderful birthday breakfast, more mimosas were had, and birthday cards and presents were opened!!

Charli wanted to play in the bag, and of course did not want to get out! haha

A signature only a Mommy could love!! (Best card I have EVER received!!!!)

After our morning festivities, we headed out for a day of Southern fun in the sun! Steven had a tour lined up at a beautiful historic Southern Plantation Home... Magnolia Plantation

I was so excited when we arrived! The property was absolutley beautiful on our drive in, and I couldn't wait to get out and explore the grounds! There was so much to do, from a petting zoo, to a tour guided trolly ride, to horses in the field, to the beautiful Gardens, and of course the home! There were also beautiful spots we could have set up a picnic, but we did not know, so we did not come prepared (but with the heat, I am sure a picnic would not have been the best choice). So we did as much as we could with a 1 year old in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity! 

First stop, the zoo. Charli loved seeing all of the animals, and her curiosity amazes me. We had so much fun, and even fed the goats and deer!

Next stop, the Gardens...

The Gardens were about 2 miles of property, and were absolutley beautiful! 

 Charli loved running around through the Gardens and grass!

After the Gardens, we headed out to the field to look at the horsies!

And our last stop, the house!

After a wonderful afternoon at Magnolia Plantation, we headed into downtown Charleston for a very nice birthday lunch at Magnolia's (we thought it was appropriate) ;)

After we got home and relxaed for a little bit, I was surprised with beautiful flowers from my sweet brother-in-law,  a couple more gifts to open, and Steven threw some steaks on the grill and made a very nice birthday dinner (I didn't have to lift a finger)! He also made a yummy birthday cake... Best husband ever, I tell ya! 

Enjoying some birthday cake with mommy! haha

It was an absolutley perfect day! Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes I received throughout the day and night! I loved each and every one of them!! It definitley put a smile on my face! 

Bring on 28, I'm ready! ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Update: A whole lot of nothing... And it's almost my Birthday!:

I don't know about you, but some of my favorite weekends are when we have no set plans, and nothing to do... And this weekend was exactly that! 

Friday was a very relaxing morning and afternoon, and then we headed out to the Baseball grounds to watch our first Riverdogs game Friday evening! (This was the only thing "planned" for the weekend).

This was technically a "work" function for Steven, as we were meeting a few of the guys in his command that will be reporting to him. We also met who Steven is relieving, Patrick, and his adorable little boy Henry (who I'm pretty sure already has a crush on Charli!) I can't wait to get these two together again!

 They were so cute together, and such troopers in the heat! (Henry is almost 2 months younger than Charli)

And what is Baseball without a giant ice cold beer, am I right?

Well I'm just glad I could feel part human again, because they actually carried Gluten Free Draft Beer at the stadium!!! (insert happy dance)!

This was Charli's second baseball game, and she had a blast! 

She loved playing with Daddy's glove!

 And Daddy even caught  a t-shirt!! 

We had a great time at the game and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone! This will not be the last time the Riverdogs see us... We will definitely be going back!

Saturday was another relaxing day! We got out of the house to run a few errands in the morning, and then hung out in the backyard after nap and played with some bubbles! 

Sunday morning was Church and then back home for a Sunday Brunch... Bacon Bloody Mary's and all! ;) Then it was a little cleaning, lounging, and mowing of the grass kind of afternoon! Steven also let me open up a couple of Birthday presents too!! He is too good to me! ;)

And that my friends wraps up our weekend! ;)

It was just what the Doctor ordered! I loved every minute of doing nothing with my two loves, and cherish these weekends so much more! It was the best Birthday weekend I could have asked for! :) 

I hope you had a great weekend as well and Happy Monday!