Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Charli's 1st Birthday Party:

If you know me, you know I love planning parties, decorating, and crafting... So you could only imagine how much fun I was going to have for our sweet little girl's very first birthday party!! 

The theme was a Shabby Chic beach cottage...

The colors were Aqua and White, and I used burlap, lace, white lanterns, and starfish. Some of the things used to celebrate our little girl, was my great grandmother's! Charli's 1st Birthday was so beautiful and absolutely perfect! 

Her invitations were made by my best friend, and turned out perfect! Thank you again Christie!! 

Now, I am going to spare you (sort of), since I took 500 pictures from her festivities... ;) So Enjoy!

Party Favors!

Cupcake stand that I made

The balloons that hung above the table, displaying each of her monthly pictures I took!

This highchair!! One of my friends knew I was looking for this, and found it at a yard sale for $20 for me!! Thank you again Jaime! Then my dad stripped it, sanded it, and painted it all for me! It turned out more than perfect!! Thanks Dad! 

The burlap banner that I made! That was absolutely free, because I had everything on hand! 

Charli finally making her entrance! (The party started at 11AM, and Charli was still snoozing... I finally went and woke her up at 11:30AM, since she had been asleep for over 2 hours)

A friend of mine, Leighton lives in Charleston, and she too had a little girl (a month before I had Charli), so I was so excited that Laighton, her husband, and Tallulah could come so we could introduce our little girls!

And they were best friends at first sight! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! haha!

And I am pretty sure this is the best picture from the entire party!!! HAHAHA! The very first thing I thought of was the movie "Step Brothers"! HAHAHA!! 

And I'm still laughing!! HAHA!

Ok, back to the party...

Charli checking out her balloons!

Just a couple of pictures from her opening her presents!! She LOVED opening tearing open the presents! She got a ton of really great stuff, from tons of toys, to adorable shoes, and lots of clothes! Thank you again everyone, you all did too much! ;)

Then it was time for cake!! (Giant gluten free cupcake that I made!)

But first, a few shots of her before the mess!

Charli with her Great Grandfather! (Great Daddy)

Nana and Papa

Auntie Shay Shay

Leighton and I with our girls!!

With Aunt Christie

Best Friends Forever! 
I love you girls and thank you so much again for coming up to spend the weekend with us! The love you have for our little girl is unbelievable! We love you both! 

Had to get one with Rich too! (FYI, Charli loves Rich! haha! Pretty darn cute)

Let the fun begin...

'Happy Birthday to you...'

All clean!!! 

Thank you so much again for all of the sweet Birthday wishes we received! We had a perfect day with our little 1 year old! I still can't believe she is already a year... Now on to 2... (and I may or may not already have her 2nd Birthday Party idea...) LOL! ;)

It is officially Mommy's Birthday week!! Woooo! ;)


  1. How fun!! Everything turned out so cute. Happy birthday to Charli!

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