Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Update: It was a Girls Kind of Weekend:

Thursday evening, Uncle Amia arrived again. We met out for dinner (where I may or may not have had a little too much wine to drink...) ;)! 

Friday morning, Amia, Charli, and I headed to the bridge for a Friday morning walk (Amia ran). It was the perfect start to our Friday. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, as the boys were packing up everything for their 'Guys Camping Weekend' trip. 

Then late Friday evening, one of my best friends finally arrived (after being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, getting lost, and her phone dieing... talk about stressful for all parties) ;) but we were so happy to have her safe and sound at the house (and we may or may not have had a tequila shot upon her arrival, thanking the good Lord above that she made it) :) Then we poured a glass of wine, watched Hocus Pocus (best. movie. ever), and talked the night away!!
Perfect Friday!

Bright and early Saturday morning the boys were off to West Virginia with some friends (and one of Steven's best friends was driving down from Connecticut and meeting them there), while us girls were still snoozing! Saturday morning consisted of lots of playing and laughing with Charli, some College Gameday, then heading out for a full afternoon of shopping (perfect start to a Girls Weekend if you ask me)! We grabbed lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, then it was back to the house for Charli's nap, and lots of football watching/beer drinking for Hannah and I! 

After nap we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and company...

HAHA! That face!

sporting her orange and blue for game day!

Yes that is a poor little boo boo on Charli's forehead... My thumb accidentally scratched her on Friday morning... I felt absolutely horrible :(

And that is how the rest of the day went. 
Then we finished off the day with dinner, putting Charli to bed, and watching more football (and a Gators Win!!)
Perfect Saturday!

Sunday we headed into Downtown for another full day of shopping and site seeing! 

I love that Hannah caught this of us and I didn't even know she took a picture! :)

Hannah headed back home Sunday afternoon. We were sad we already had to say goodbye, but we were so happy she was able to make a trip up! It was an absolutely perfect weekend with just us girls... talking, laughing, shopping, drinking... doing what friends do best! 
Perfect Sunday! 
Perfect Girls Weekend!
Thank you for coming to visit Hannah! We love you, See you soon! 

Now it is back to just Charli and I, as Daddy is still away. We miss him like crazy and can't wait until he gets back home to us, but hope he is having an amazing trip (which I know he is!)!! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on what we were up to this weekend! We have a lot on the agenda from now until Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to every single bit of it! 

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful as ours! 
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Blog about the Blog:

First, I want to start off by thanking each and every one of my readers for tuning in on our life and adventures! It really means the world to me, to know that you thoroughly enjoy reading what our little family is up to! 

Thank You!!!! 


And thanks to a few good friends over at Life at the BK LoungeDaffodil's, and Creatively Blooming (who all helped me to get started), I have been blogging for a little over 8 months, and loving it! I was a little unsure as I entered this blogland and thought, "Is this really something I want to do?", "What will I write about?", "Will anybody follow me?", "Will anybody even read this?"... Boy was I wrong... I have already hit over 20,000 views and counting, and it is all thanks to you! 

There are so many things happening in my little family's lives to write and talk about and to be honest, having this blog makes me want to share the simple every day things we do as well. This blog has opened my eyes to see that every single day is one worth writing about, and I love that!

It is crazy how many people tell me "I love reading your blog" and I had no idea they even read it. My family and friends reaction to my blog definitely puts a smile on my face and makes me so happy I took that step into this blogging world! Even though my blog has a lot of hits I still don't have a lot of "followers" (which by the way, if you do "follow" me, Thank You). If you haven't yet "followed" or "joined" my site but you do tune in, please join so you can see the blogs that I don't always share on Facebook.

So what is this blog all about? It is definitely a 'journal' for my family, and something for us to always look back on to show Charli. Things I focus on are: Charli, what my family is up to during the week/weekends, my crafting/DIY projects, Home Decor, Motherhood, and the struggles that can come with being a stay at home mom/military wife, my struggles with Crohn's Disease/Celiac Disease, and just life itself. 

So with that being said...

I have a couple of new things I have been thinking about for a while now that I would like to introduce to my blog... One of them being fashion. I have always loved fashion, shopping, putting together outfits, and accessorizing. I follow a few fashion blogs and my friend Kate over at Daffodil's used to post a Friday Fancies, which I absolutely loved and looked forward to every week. So I thought it would be fun to share that side of me with you as well! My plan for my 'Fashion Posts' will be to pull items directly out of my closet and piece them together for you. I am constantly standing in my closet, frustrated because I think I have zero clothes and nothing to wear (which is the complete opposite, but I am sure every girl can relate). So I feel by doing this, it will help me piece together outfits and items that I may have forgotten about and really make me use my entire wardrobe, and will probably end up saving us money (which I'm sure the hubby will appreciate)! These posts may be 'weekend inspired', 'football inspired', 'vacation inspired', 'date night inspired', fancy, or just plain simple and casual! I may on occasion even do a 'coordinating family inspired' post (I know... craziness I tell ya ;)... but if you know me, you know I LOVE coordinating my little family!! haha) ;), or even a 'Charli inspired' post! So really, the sky is the limit, and I am super excited about it, and I really hope you enjoy it as well! 


Thank you again for all of the love and support you have given to The HALLway! I hope you continue to follow along on our crazy little journey that we call life! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grammy Visits Charleston: Part II:

Saturday morning we headed out for a walk over the Cooper River Bridge, which you can check out more pictures here from the first time we ever walked it. 
Jettie and I walked it with Charli, while Steven and Amia ran it. It was a perfect way to start our Saturday!

Then when we got home, it was football, football, and more football in this house!! Charli sported her Razorback colors (since I was a little outnumbered here...) ;)

This little thing is cute no matter what color she is wearing though... I mean seriously... look at her! 
(And yes, that is the applique onesie I made for her!)

'Woooooooooo Pig'

Sunday morning was a whole lot of this 

...And a whole lot of Bloody Mary's and Waffles for breakfast ;)

Followed by a full day walking around downtown, taking in the sites of Charleston! 

And walking through the City Market

It was a perfect afternoon, followed by a perfect family dinner at the house, followed by an evening walk that ended with this little number

Our neighborhood is on the water, and we have a private dock down the street that looks out at the river. This was the first night we walked down and caught this beauty of a sunset! I look forward to the many more Charleston sunsets while we are here! 

Grammy enjoying the sunset

What a perfect end to an amazing day! 

Monday morning Jettie headed back home, and while Steven headed into work, Amia and I headed in to his private gym at his office to workout, while Grammy and Charli stayed home and played! After we got home we walked up to the pool for a little bit!

Charli and Uncle Amia match!

 Then it was a relaxing afternoon in the backyard, hammock and all! The weather here has been absolutely beautiful, 60's at night and 70's-80 during the day, with a cool fall breeze... I am welcoming the cool fall weather with open arms, and am ready to experience the seasons here in Charleston! 

After a very relaxing afternoon, we went out to dinner, and everyone wanted to enjoy another evening walk to the water to catch another sunset when we got home... and that we did!

Not as red as the night before, but I am in love with this sunset just as much!

That made for a perfect end to Grammy's last night here in Charleston if you ask me!

So today was Grammy's last day, but it was nice that she didn't have to leave until later this afternoon, so it gave us basically a whole day with her. So we just relaxed at the house so she could get everything packed up and spend some quality time with Charli before having to say goodbye

And of course I had to snap one of my handsome husband in his uniform! 

We had an absolute blast this past week and are so happy that Grammy could come visit us! We love you so much and miss you already, and we can't wait to see you again! Thanks for a wonderful time, full of wonderful memories! 

Now I am looking forward to just a couple of relaxing days before Uncle Amia arrives again (he and Steven and a few friends have a guys weekend), and one of my best friends will be arriving as well, to have a little girls weekend with Charli and I while the boys are gone!! :)
We are very busy, and have a very busy next couple of months, but are looking forward to every bit of it! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Grammy Visits Charleston: Part I:

(This will be brought to you in a two part post so you aren't bombarded with 80 some pictures all at once... You're welcome) ;)

Steven's mom arrived Wednesday afternoon and we were all very excited to see her and our guest room had another visitor!

 If you remember, this was only the second time Steven's mom has met Charli. The first was when Charli was 1 month old... So you can imagine the total change from the first to second time of meeting her very first/only grandchild! Charli took right to her Grammy and has loved every minute with her since! 

Thursday was a relaxing morning, then we headed into Park Circle to grab some lunch (and beers of course) at Madra Rua Irish Pub!

And even better... Daddy was able to join us! 

Daddy's little girl for sure!

After lunch, we headed to base to show Mary where Steven works (but first stop was to see Charlie the Alligator) ;) Even though we didn't see him on this trip (Steven did take his mom, brother, and sister back a few days later and all 800lbs of Charlie climbed out of the water and showed himself), but this trip was all about the babies...

Late Thursday evening, Steven's brother and sister arrived safe and sound! 

Friday morning Charli woke up to not only Grammy, but to Uncle Amia and Aunt Jettie!! Needless to say, our little girl was happy, to say the least! ;) And Friday was Uncle Amia's Birthday (even better)!! So Friday we headed out to Isle of Palms for a full day at the beach! 

Grammy and Aunt Jettie


Charli has zero fear of the Ocean (which I love that she is such a water baby... but good Lord you can't take your eyes off of her for a second, because she was running into the crashing waves, laughing... Good thing I had 4 other sets of hands!)

And I am absolutely in LOVE with this picture that I captured!

We managed to get Charli out of the water to play for a little bit... which consisted of digging, running, eating sand, playing football, and building her first sand castle! 

What an absolutely perfect day at the beach with family! 

Then it was back to the house (after of course making a pit stop at the Apple store to buy me the brand new Gold iPhone 5S, which by the way is amazing), for dinner and cake for the Birthday Boy!  

 Then thanks to Grammy, Steven and I were able to hit the town with Amia and Jettie for Amia's birthday!! (Gotta love built in babysitters!) ;)

Me with my beautiful sister-in-law, heading out to the bars!

Thanks Grammy for babysitting, and Happy Birthday again Amia!!