Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Blog about the Blog:

First, I want to start off by thanking each and every one of my readers for tuning in on our life and adventures! It really means the world to me, to know that you thoroughly enjoy reading what our little family is up to! 

Thank You!!!! 


And thanks to a few good friends over at Life at the BK LoungeDaffodil's, and Creatively Blooming (who all helped me to get started), I have been blogging for a little over 8 months, and loving it! I was a little unsure as I entered this blogland and thought, "Is this really something I want to do?", "What will I write about?", "Will anybody follow me?", "Will anybody even read this?"... Boy was I wrong... I have already hit over 20,000 views and counting, and it is all thanks to you! 

There are so many things happening in my little family's lives to write and talk about and to be honest, having this blog makes me want to share the simple every day things we do as well. This blog has opened my eyes to see that every single day is one worth writing about, and I love that!

It is crazy how many people tell me "I love reading your blog" and I had no idea they even read it. My family and friends reaction to my blog definitely puts a smile on my face and makes me so happy I took that step into this blogging world! Even though my blog has a lot of hits I still don't have a lot of "followers" (which by the way, if you do "follow" me, Thank You). If you haven't yet "followed" or "joined" my site but you do tune in, please join so you can see the blogs that I don't always share on Facebook.

So what is this blog all about? It is definitely a 'journal' for my family, and something for us to always look back on to show Charli. Things I focus on are: Charli, what my family is up to during the week/weekends, my crafting/DIY projects, Home Decor, Motherhood, and the struggles that can come with being a stay at home mom/military wife, my struggles with Crohn's Disease/Celiac Disease, and just life itself. 

So with that being said...

I have a couple of new things I have been thinking about for a while now that I would like to introduce to my blog... One of them being fashion. I have always loved fashion, shopping, putting together outfits, and accessorizing. I follow a few fashion blogs and my friend Kate over at Daffodil's used to post a Friday Fancies, which I absolutely loved and looked forward to every week. So I thought it would be fun to share that side of me with you as well! My plan for my 'Fashion Posts' will be to pull items directly out of my closet and piece them together for you. I am constantly standing in my closet, frustrated because I think I have zero clothes and nothing to wear (which is the complete opposite, but I am sure every girl can relate). So I feel by doing this, it will help me piece together outfits and items that I may have forgotten about and really make me use my entire wardrobe, and will probably end up saving us money (which I'm sure the hubby will appreciate)! These posts may be 'weekend inspired', 'football inspired', 'vacation inspired', 'date night inspired', fancy, or just plain simple and casual! I may on occasion even do a 'coordinating family inspired' post (I know... craziness I tell ya ;)... but if you know me, you know I LOVE coordinating my little family!! haha) ;), or even a 'Charli inspired' post! So really, the sky is the limit, and I am super excited about it, and I really hope you enjoy it as well! 


Thank you again for all of the love and support you have given to The HALLway! I hope you continue to follow along on our crazy little journey that we call life! 


  1. Oh, how fun! I can't wait for your fashion posts! I'm a little too self-conscious myself to do that.

  2. I think this is a great idea for you to do!

  3. I finally figured out how to follow blogs :-/ I'm so technologically challenged :-)

  4. Including fashion in your blogs is a great idea for you Traci! My next task is to figure out how to follow blogs :)