Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Update: Another Drill Weekend and Lots of Football:

Friday we had a play date planned with our friends, and since my Doctor rushed in another prescription of steroids for me to start ASAP, we didn't have to cancel because this momma was already feeling so much better by Friday morning! Thank you again for all of the thoughts and prayers (having Crohn's Disease is very difficult and challenging, but I cope with those challenges every day, and I am just so thankful I have such a strong support system!)

So back to Friday... Our friends came over and we had a perfect play date here at the house! The girls played for a little bit before we walked up to our pool.

After a little pool time fun, we walked back to the house, had some lunch, the girls played some more, then it was nap time for two little's who were worn out!! Thanks again Leighton and Tallulah for such a fun Friday! We are looking forward to our next play date this week!

When Steven got home, we headed to the outlets for a little shopping (you know me... I will never turn that down!) ;)

I don't know if I have ever met a child who can't stand to ride on shoulders as much as this little girl, because they think it is the funniest thing/it tickles them SO much! (it is hilarious!)

My world right there!

Followed by margaritas and dinner out (because this momma does not cook on Fridays)! It was a perfect Friday evening with my little family, especially since we knew Daddy would be working all weekend long.

So Saturday started another Drill Weekend for Steven, he was up and out of the house by 6AM. I think Charli got the memo though that it was Saturday, because home girl slept in until 8AM (not that I can complain AT ALL, because she normally wakes up at 7:30AM every single morning... but hey, this momma enjoyed those extra 30 minutes of 'zzzzz's') ;) But once this household was up, it was breakfast, then College GameDay (and yes, I did have a bacon Bloody Mary... by myself... and yes, it was OK because Charli 'cheersed' me with her sippy... Completely normal!!) ;)  And that my friends is what our Saturday looked like... Football, Football, and more Football...

And even though the Gators didn't come out with a W, and looked horrible, I still love them and will always be a Gator!! I mean hey, we can't win them all people! ;) GO GATORS!

On to Sunday... while Daddy was at work, us girls did some errand running, grocery shopping, craft making, and more football watching! GO JAGS!

It may not have been the best weekend for football in this house (at least Steven's Razorback's won), but all in all, we had a great little relaxing/uneventful weekend! Just what the Doctor ordered!


But wait... our weekend wasn't over just yet... The one great thing that comes with a Drill Weekend... Is that Daddy has Monday's off!!!!!! Wooooo!!! So our weekend continued...

This morning Charli and I headed to our 'Stroller Rollers' class and let Daddy sleep in.
When we got home we headed out to James Island County Park for a little family fun

And got the whole place to ourselves!! 

Oh this? Just doing some Water Yoga is all... Downward Dog! 

After running and playing in the 'Spray and Play' area, we headed over to the park, where Charli climbed the entire thing by herself (with adult supervision of course) ;), through the tunnel

And down the slide like such a big girl!! 

And then back up! haha! But seriously... How is this even possible? Where did our baby go? Didn't I just have her?

After some swinging, climbing, and sliding, Charli wanted to check out more of the playground (there are 3 different areas).  
Then before we left, we let her try her very first monkey bars

She thought she was hot stuff!

Mommas favorite view... Seeing those little fingers! 

As we were heading back to the car, we noticed a table with a Bobcat on it... Yes, a Bobcat (it was stuffed, so don't worry) ;), so we walked over to check out what was going on and there was a 'Nature Table' set up with a park associate talking about wildlife in the area

So of course we stopped to take a look at everything with our little Nature Lover! :)

After we left the Park, we headed into Folly Beach to grab some lunch, and found this cute little shack! 

Burgers and Beers, don't mind if I do! (I love when restaurants offer Gluten Free Beer!)

And to end our fun filled Monday, we headed out to the backyard when Charli woke up from nap, for some afternoon sprinkler fun! This was her first time running through the sprinkler, and she loved it!! (As did Mommy and Daddy) ;)

Clearly the diaper didn't stay on long... 

And yep... That is our daughter taking a little tinkle in the yard... HAHA! Gotta love it!!

Now that my friends ends our weekend!!

Hope your weekend was great!

P.S. We are looking forward to a fun week of play dates with some friends! 

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