Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Update: Memorial Day Weekend:

Friday we awaited the arrival of Nana!
Steven had Friday off (yay) so we spent the morning relaxing as a family; cleaning, doing laundry, mowing the yard, and helping daddy wash the car...

 Steven also had a Memorial Day Golf Tournament he was asked to play in to represent his command. After Daddy left us girls, we had lunch, napped, and then Nana arrived! 
We ended our Friday with dinner out at our favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Saturday morning we woke up and I made fresh strawberry muffins, Steven went for a bicycle ride, (82 miles) and Nana and Charli had a fun morning together playing and going for a walk while I headed to a nice surprise from the hubby... An hour massage! 
It was quite heavenly I tell you. A massage is just what I needed I think! 
Thank you so much Steven for that lovely surprise! I love you! 

After we all got home and ready, we headed out to Isle of Palms for lunch on the water at 
Morgan Creek

It was a perfect little spot, sitting outside, enjoying good food, good company, and watching the boats drive by. After lunch we headed into Mt. Pleasant so my mom and I could do a little shopping while Steven sat in the car as Charli napped! ;) 

Then it was straight to the backyard when we got home for some pool time

Sunday morning we headed to church and then the grocery store to pick up a few items, which is where a certain little toddler had a complete melt down... We were all baffled and in shock at the throwing herself on the floor in the middle of the grocery store but continued on with our shopping and she quickly regressed back to herself... So needless to say, as we put her down for her nap, this is where you could find us...

(although in my hand was a virgin Bloody Mary...)

After nap we spent a little more time out back in the pool then decided to head to the Water Park near our house to get some energy out and have some fun!

Which included:
Kicking and splashing around...

Squirting Daddy...

 Going on the slide with Daddy and Nana...

Nana and Daddy going down some slides...

And enjoying the wave pool and lazy river with mommy!

After a lot of fun was had at the Water Park we headed back to the house to grill out! 
On the menu: All American Burgers, Grilled Corn, Grilled Squash, and fresh strawberry salad

Followed by the perfect slice of juicy watermelon in the backyard for dessert! 

Doesn't get any better than that! 

I wish I could say that it was the perfect kind of Sunday, but it wasn't. That's life though, it's not always perfect and that is ok. Charli has been cutting her 2 year molars for a couple of months now. I can honestly say that she is somehow an amazing teether and we have never had any real issues except for here and there. Well Sunday was just one of those days... And it wasn't until Sunday night, after putting her down that it dawned on me, it had to be her teeth, all signs pointed straight to them. 
She was in pain, irritable, sick, cranky, not herself, throwing tantrums left and right, and wanted nothing to do with us... She just seemed annoyed. 
Thankfully, despite all of that, we really did still have a good day. 

Thankfully, Monday morning Charli woke up in what seemed to be better spirits, but she was definitely still sick and not herself (wouldn't drink water, didn't want to eat) so we kept it a very low key morning making waffles before Nana headed back home. 
We are so thankful for my moms visit and already miss her. 
We love you! 

After my mom left, we headed into downtown to run a couple of errands before heading back home for lunch and nap, and to spend a quiet Memorial Day with a sick little girl. 
We enjoyed a little pool time and popsicles 

And these two weren't left out of the festivities of course! 

 And when the weather turned, we headed inside for a relaxing afternoon and evening, and someone's very first manicure...
And yes, Daddy did them! 

It takes a truly special man to be a Daddy of a little girl and we are very lucky to have the best one ever! 
And I mean, look at those little finger nails... I die! 

All in all, we truly had a perfect Memorial Day
(even if our little was under the weather)

We hope you did too!