Thursday, February 23, 2017

Catching Moments: {7/52}:

*A "FERRY" Fun Day...
We were headed to a "special" beach for a fun family picnic and we surprised the kids by taking them on the Ferry to get there! We even rode the Ferry back home and Charli couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had! And that's exactly why we did it! 

*Here birdie birdie...
Our family picnic beach day was seriously the best day ever and Crew had a blast chasing the seagulls up and down the beach. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance:

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long holiday weekend. We were very thankful to have an amazing weekend with some awesome visitors {more on that later} and to be able to have daddy home all weekend long! Which kicked off Friday evening with Charli & Steven's very first Daddy-Daughter Dance! 

Charli & I went shopping for "the most beautiful perfect dress there ever was" and girlfriend knew exactly what she wanted, all the gold she said {she gets it from her momma! ;)}. As we looked around, she spotted the prettiest little ivory and gold dress and she grabbed it and said "mommy, this is exactly what I have always wanted" {haha}. I found it in her size, and we headed off to the fitting rooms because of course she needed to try it on "just to make sure" she exclaimed. She twirled in the fitting room saying with delight "oh mommy, I love it, I am so beautiful and I think daddy will think so too!". We then picked out the perfect new bow because, necessities! She of course found the most gold, most sparkliest headband she could, and said it was the one! Is this seriously a glimpse into her teenage years... It was so much fun though and watching her made it all worth it!

Friday evening had arrived and Charli had been looking forward to her "for real date with daddy... no mommy's or bubba's allowed" and I can't even begin to tell you how adorable it was. My heart could just burst into a million pieces looking at those two together. Charli was so excited when daddy finally arrived home from work and it was just the two of them the rest of the night!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Catching Moments: {6/52}:

*Big Boy Naps...
Now that Crew is in his big boy bed he won't nap every day and boy do I get to deal with the consequences {because our little sleeper clearly still needs those extra zzz's}. His. Attitude. {point blank... but gahhhh he is cute!}. Thankfully he still does nap more than not so there's that. This was me creeping in on him napping in mommy & daddy's bed the day his bed was being delivered so he had no other place to go. Oh he's delicious!  

*Our Ballerina...
As much as this girl still asks when Soccer starts back up {every. single. day}, her favorite day of the week is dance. Which happens to be today! Girlfriend spends her days singing & dancing with her sweet dance moves {see above ;)} and my momma heart loves every minute of it. We found out last night what her recital is this year and got a peek of her costume so we surprised her with it and she is beside herself happy!! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Crew Benjamin: 2.5 Year Update:

Happy Half Birthday to our baby boy {a couple days late}

I can't believe we are that much closer to having a three year old guys! Crew has truly grown so much since turning Two. So many people have mentioned how tall he has gotten and how grown he looks {he has always been a big boy but for some reason he just truly seems like a little man right now}. He loves everything outside and dirt related, playing with sticks, running, wrestling, playing rough, but it still the biggest snuggler and love. I pray that never changes and that he will always need me and want me to curl up next to him.

So many changes have happened recently that really don't make him a "baby" anymore and I can't tell you how hard it has been to watch these milestones knowing they will be the very last time we will ever go through them. {Things I haven't blogged about but I promise will get to when I can}... Crew decided to potty train himself back in November. He is still a work in progress {much different than his sisters 2 days of potty training and no accidents, diapers, etc since}, but we also know he is a very different child. He has so many accident free days but then gets lazy, but lets be honest here, mommy has been pretty sick recently and hasn't been able to give it 100% either, so there's that. He hasn't been in diapers though since November and we are so proud of him every single day! Then there's the No More Crib thing going on. He has been in his big boy bed for a week now and loves it. He truly is growing up right before our very eyes. 

We love you son and love watching you grow and learn with each new day! Keep being you!

Crew's Stats:
*Height: 38 inches
*Weight: 37 lbs
*Teeth: We are still waiting for 2 more molars to pop through.
*Clothes: Anywhere between a 2T and a 4T 
*Sleep: bedtime: 7:30PM- 7:30AM
nap time: now with his bed this has become an issue... He still sleeps most days but other days I find him in his bed with books which is fine. 
*Food: He has become a pretty picky eater recently... ugh... we never had this issue with Charli. He loves all fruit, his favorite veggies are peas, corn, and broccoli, he loves hotdogs, raisins, yogurt, bananas, humus, peanut butter, milk, milk, and more milk.
*Some things he loves: He loves going to friends houses and when we have play dates. I am actually really looking forward to Charli being in Kindergarten this coming year and having one year of just mommy/Crew time. He needs it. He loves sleepovers at Nana & Papa's, anything outside or dirt related, his favorite toys are still cars, trucks, and trains, though I like to say he is a momma's boy his favorite person is by far his daddy! And his new found hobby is peeing {and pooping} in the grass... 

Happy Half Birthday Crew Benjamin! 
We love you so much and still can't believe you are 2 1/2!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine "cards" 2017:

Happy Saturday! 

It is not very often that I blog on the weekend {well, really ever}, but I figured I would share the kids Valentine's this year in case you are in a scramble to find a super simple but cute Valentine for your kiddos if they have something on Monday or even on Tuesday! 

We have a Valentine's Play Date on Monday where the babes will get to hand these out to all of their little friends and they are so excited. I love making things just a little extra special, nothing fancy or crazy, but I know our kids truly enjoy the extra little things and that is the only reason I do it. 

So this past week while we were running a quick errand at Target I asked Charli what she might want to get her friends as a "valentine"... I also explained that this year they would be coming from both her and her brother... of course girlfriend had a lot to say and a lot of ideas. I'll spare you the list, but surprisingly they both agreed on Gummy Bears {I mean who wouldn't... Momma's fave too, so win!}! We headed home, I came up with a quick slogan, used my trusty Avery {we always have business card sheets on hand so it is such a simple place to go, to make a quick "tag"}, a couple hole punches & tied strings later and you have a quick & simple valentine!

I hope you all have a "beary" great weekend! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Crew's Corner: My Last Night in My Crib:

from crew's crib:

A life I'd only known
From the moment I was born
Was sleeping soundly in my crib
Nighttime, nap & in the mornin 

Then a day had finally came
Christmas Eve to be exact
I found my leg a danglin
And I crawled out, just like that!

So sure enough we knew
That a big boy bed was near
Though mommy just pretended 
As she wiped away a tear

My last night in my crib
Was now 3 nights ago
Surrounded by those safety walls
And everything I'd known 

We're slowly getting used to it
This big boy bed is fun
The best part of it though
Is there's not just only one!! ;) 

{a note from mommy: yes, daddy won... }

xo crew

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Catching Moments: {5/52}:

*Feeding Some Alligators...
We went took the kids to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine yesterday and had the most amazing day together. The kids loved everything about it but their favorite thing by far was throwing alligator food {little food pebbles} into the water and trying to hit the gators heads to get their attention. It of course turned into a game. But after the 3 weeks I have had {medical related} being outside, in the fresh air, and watching my family having the best time, did the body good!