Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine "cards" 2017:

Happy Saturday! 

It is not very often that I blog on the weekend {well, really ever}, but I figured I would share the kids Valentine's this year in case you are in a scramble to find a super simple but cute Valentine for your kiddos if they have something on Monday or even on Tuesday! 

We have a Valentine's Play Date on Monday where the babes will get to hand these out to all of their little friends and they are so excited. I love making things just a little extra special, nothing fancy or crazy, but I know our kids truly enjoy the extra little things and that is the only reason I do it. 

So this past week while we were running a quick errand at Target I asked Charli what she might want to get her friends as a "valentine"... I also explained that this year they would be coming from both her and her brother... of course girlfriend had a lot to say and a lot of ideas. I'll spare you the list, but surprisingly they both agreed on Gummy Bears {I mean who wouldn't... Momma's fave too, so win!}! We headed home, I came up with a quick slogan, used my trusty Avery {we always have business card sheets on hand so it is such a simple place to go, to make a quick "tag"}, a couple hole punches & tied strings later and you have a quick & simple valentine!

I hope you all have a "beary" great weekend! 

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