Friday, February 10, 2017

Crew's Corner: My Last Night in My Crib:

from crew's crib:

A life I'd only known
From the moment I was born
Was sleeping soundly in my crib
Nighttime, nap & in the mornin 

Then a day had finally came
Christmas Eve to be exact
I found my leg a danglin
And I crawled out, just like that!

So sure enough we knew
That a big boy bed was near
Though mommy just pretended 
As she wiped away a tear

My last night in my crib
Was now 3 nights ago
Surrounded by those safety walls
And everything I'd known 

We're slowly getting used to it
This big boy bed is fun
The best part of it though
Is there's not just only one!! ;) 

{a note from mommy: yes, daddy won... }

xo crew

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