Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Catching Moments: {34/52}:

It's been a super low key week for us over here as the kids are healing from Hand Foot Mouth round 2 {thankfully they are pretty much over it but we aren't taking any chances} and I have been very up and down with not feeling well {seriously, story of my life}... Anyhow, we haven't gotten out of the house really at all except for our yard here and there...

Crew's new favorite way to swing is on his tummy. I can't help but think of my childhood when I see him swinging like this and remembering how much fun we thought it was to swing on our bellies! The simple joys of childhood truly are magical! 

*Dat face though...
Just catching Charli fixing her helmet before riding her bike! I love how much our babies love wearing their helmets, it's quite entertaining at times! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Catching Moments: {33/52}:

*A Big Week For Our Big 4 Year Old...
Charli has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while now. "I am 4, and I am big now, so I think it's a good time" she exclaimed. Well, she got her wish and boy was she a champ! Nana & Papa were even there and we were all so incredibly proud of her. The very first thing Charli said after looking into the mirror when it was done was, "Oh mommy, I look just like you now. I have my own pearls!" {Heart. Officially. Exploded.}

*You Missed A Spot...
Steven is always out in the garage working on or cleaning his bikes, and you better believe that the children are never far behind him. Crew was out washing his bike with daddy one afternoon and yep, it was adorable! Daddy's little shadow! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Charli's Chapter: My Very First Haircut:

from charli's chair:

Four years in the making
Every lock, Every strand
Each and every curl
That's touched the palm of mommy's hand

She knew the day would come
That a trim would be in need
Daddy did convincing 
And we all then did agree

So off to the salon we went
All the family was in tow
Mommy, Daddy, Crew, & Nana
Even Thompson got to go

I was so excited 
And was such a big girl
Sitting still in the chair
As she trimmed every curl

We didn't cut much
But at least it was a start
My very first haircut
Pulled at everyone's heart! 

note from mommy:
I can't even begin to describe the emotions I felt going into this. I literally had knots in my stomach and thought I was going to get sick at the thought of cutting her hair... haha... {It's just hair Traci, get a grip!} We didn't even take that much off but it was finally time to trim it up. Charli's hair when wet went all the way down past her bottom. It looks so much healthier now and she loved every minute of getting pampered like a princess she said! I am so incredibly thankful for Sheri and that she was able to trim Charli's hair for us! If you remember from Crew's First Haircut, Sheri has been doing my moms hair and mine for my entire life and my brother and I were her very first children's haircuts of her career. So having her now cut both of my children's hair is just a true full circle moments! We love you Sheri! Thank you again! 

Here is a quick before & after:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Crew's Second Birthday Party:

Happy Tuesday! 

I hope everyone is off to a great week! We are back home from celebrating my mom's 60th Birthday in the Keys {more on that coming soon}. So we are unpacking,relaxing, and enjoying our last couple of days with Daddy while he's on vacation. 

I am finally able to sit down and recap Crew's Second Birthday and the fun we had celebrating our big two year old with his Summer Sail. He loves all things boat & automobile related so I knew this was the perfect theme for our little guy! Everything for his party turned out perfect and I loved seeing how happy he was on his special day! We love you so much Bubba and loved celebrating you! 

We started off the Birthday Boy's morning with Gluten Free Donuts of course

Then it was straight into pouring Bloody Mary's and prepping for his party as family and friends started to arrive for our sweet boys "SAIL-a-bration"! 

We loved having so many of our family & friends over to celebrate with us and missed the ones who couldn't be here. Crew had an absolutely amazing day playing with his friends, eating anything and everything, and ripping through his gifts! 
Here's a little glimpse into his big day! 

 Little Buddies

The giant slide that daddy got... 
We kept it dry for the party and I have to admit, the kids LOVED it

Opening Presents

Crew these days is a handful and will not kiss you or let you take a picture of him on command... 

Ending his Birthday in his Birthday Suite...
We turned the slide into a water slide/pool and he thought it was the best thing ever!

Thank you to everyone who made his day extra special and for celebrating with us! 
We truly enjoyed it!

Don't let Charli's face fool you, she had a blast and loves her brother, she was just pitching a fit because he was the only one getting presents... HAHA!