Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crew's Corner: My First Haircut:

From Crew's Crib:

Mommy & Daddy 
Said it was finally time
To chop off all my locks
For a cleaner hair line

They tried to hold off
For as long as they could
But they knew the day was coming
Even though my shag looked good

So today was the day
We went to the salon
I sat in Daddy's lap
And got my big boy cut on! 


Note from Mommy:

Yes, it's true, we finally felt it was time to tame the locks! Crew did such an amazing job today (thanks to the 5 suckers he had). He didn't move, squirm, cry... In fact, he sat still, smiled, laughed, and even gave out kisses to everyone in the process. Sweetest boy in the entire world right there. 

One thing I am incredibly grateful for with us being back home right now is that his first haircut was done by the exact person who gave me my very first haircut. Sheri is basically family. She has been doing my mom's hair for 30 years, remembers me from when I was a brand new infant, nursing under the smock. And funny enough, my brother and I were her very first children's haircuts in her career! There was absolutely nobody else in this world who I would want to cut my children's hair than her (and Angie, who has always been cutting hair in the chair right along side her).

Thank you Sheri! We love you! 

xo crew


  1. Oh my gosh, what a handsome big boy!!! I remember Cam's first haircut...I didn't want to do it, but then I loved it when it was done!! (PS You were in my dream last night, except you were kind of a hippie and drew chalkboards for a living. Hahaha RANDOM!)