Monday, November 23, 2015

Recipe: Turkey Rice Krispie Treats:

Just as I was for Halloween, I was so excited to be a room mom for Charli's Thanksgiving Feast at school today! I am so incredibly thankful I am able to do these things for our children. Today's program was absolutely adorable. The children dressed up as Indians and sang 4 songs for us before feasting on some food! 

My contribution was the "sweets". I decided on doing Turkey Rice Krispie Treats, which were super simple to make. If you are looking for a fun Thanksgiving Day (or week) treat here you go! 

Things You Will Need:
*Rice Krispies 
*Wine Glass (or a circle cookie cutter that I clearly don't have... haha)
*Candy Corn

Make Rice Krispies as directed on the box. Let cool.
I then used the rim of a wine glass to cut the circle's out.
I used chocolate frosting as the turkey's heads.
Frosting for eyes.
Placed candy corn around for the feathers.
Then cut pieces of candy corn to use as the turkey's nose/mouth! 

And voila!

I think they turned out super cute and were the perfect festive treat for all of our little turkey's today!


  1. So stinkin cute!! And then you get to eat all of the leftover rice krispies from the cut-outs, right?! That's totally what I would do!