Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016:

Good Evening friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday!  

After what feels like forever not blogging due to the hustle & bustle, and just pure craziness that is living through home renovations, I am happy to tell you I am back with your regularly scheduled blogging! yay. So yes, we are officially done with all of our home reno's {for now... now it's time to decorate... wooooo!} I will be getting to all of that soon {especially everything we did over the Summer... seriously way behind over here folks} but for now, our wonderfully simple Thanksgiving! 

This was our very first Thanksgiving in our home as we are coming up on our one year anniversary of moving in next month and with it being the first Thanksgiving since my grandmother's passing we thought it would be nice to just have my parents over for an intimate dinner. We invited Steven's brother and our sister-in-law along with one of my Aunts & Uncles. It was small and absolutely perfect. Our morning started just like any Thanksgiving morning, homemade pumpkin bread for breakfast and The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Everyone arrived mid afternoon to enjoy hor dourves, cocktails, and company, before we sat down for the most wonderful feast all made by my amazing husband! I'm not even going to try and take a bit of credit as Steven literally loves to cook especially Thanksgiving Dinner. Cooking for the Holidays is one of his favorite things to do.

My job was to make the apps, the Sangria, and of course to set the table. 

 The weather was perfect so I set everything up outside. We played before and after dinner and it was perfection. Earlier in the day I made a comment that Charli overheard about Boo Boo not being here with us this Thanksgiving and the sweetest words flowed from her mouth "but mommy, Boo Boo is always with us. She is wight here in our heart and in my butterfly garden... see" {yes, sweet girl, our Boo Boo Butterfly is always watching over us and you couldn't be more right, she will ALWAYS be with us and in our hearts forever!}. 

Charli said the blessing as we all gathered around the tables before us. We sat down and enjoyed just being together as a family and that is what I am truly thankful for. We couldn't have asked for a better day and I am thankful everyone could be here with us.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Catching Moments: {45/52}:

*Just a simple day on the swings! 

*The best pic{k} I could find! {you see what I did there ;)} haha! 

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Catching Moments: {44/52}:

*Look Ma, No Hands...
Well, they didn't say "no mouths" in Soccer?! Bahaha! Seriously, this kid keeps me on my toes! He loved having his Uncle Dodo here all week. They played all the soccer you could imagine! 

*Higher, Higher...
That is all you hear when Charli is on the swing! The higher the better, and she has gotten amazing at pumping herself to swing and getting as high as possible! She also enjoyed Uncle Dodo pushing her and dragging him along in all of her adventures! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Halloween 2016:

Happy Monday Friends! 

I am finally getting around to posting about Halloween and let me tell ya, this year was one for the books! It was so magical and fun with the kids at the ages they are. We truly had such an amazing night with them!

We kicked off Halloween weekend with me finally getting to decorate inside and a little more outside & finally making it to the Pumpkin Patch to get our pumpkins {parents of the year waiting until the last minute...} And because we waited so late to go when we arrived to the first Patch, not a single pumpkin... Not-a-ONE... seriously! oops! So on to the next one we went! Thankfully they had pumpkins! Phew, because we had a panicked little girl in the backseat freaking out {I should have brought momma some wine with us...}. Anyhow, the kids had a blast running through the pumpkin patch trying to find the biggest most perfect pumpkins to carve into some good ol jack-o-lanterns! 

We then headed home and they went to town getting the goop out! 
We baked some seeds and called it a night! 

And just like any Halloween Weekend in Jax it means it is Florida/Georgia time! So we did the same thing we have been doing my entire life... Headed downtown to tailgate with my best friends, just adding in dropping off the kiddos at my parents beforehand! And a Gators WIN!! Woooo! 

 Halloween came and it of course started with me in the hospital with a couple of GI Procedures {I have a whole new round of procedures that will be happening as they are looking for some things and will be starting me back on infusions soon}. Bu after I got home and rested we were ready for a fun filled festive night as a family! My parents, Aunt Christie, Uncle Yaya & Aunt Sarah all came over to celebrate with us! 

Charli has been obsessed with Tinkerbell for sometime now so I felt it was only fitting that recreating Neverland this year was a must! It of course was absolutely perfect and the kids costumes fit their personalities so perfectly! Charli sprinkling pixie dust everywhere she went and Crew trying to fight off every "scary" thing they saw by saying "arrrrrrrrrrr- maney" with his sword was priceless! 

Thank you to my Uncle for making the kids Neverland Ship this year {seriously he's the best!} All I did was paint it and make the sails. If you want to see what he did last year for us you can check out Our Halloween 2015

The kids had an absolutle blast Trick-or-Treating this year! This was our first year in our neighborhood for Halloween and it is truly amazing! We couldn't imagine living anywhere else and are so lucky to be here! It truly was such a magical night! 

I have loved seeing everyone's Halloween posts & costumes! 
Now on to all things Thanksgiving!