Thursday, November 3, 2016

Catching Moments: {42/52}:

*Halloween Edition*

 *Hook pouts too ya know... 
Charli touched "his ship" and well, see above picture! haha! Priceless! 

*I can fly...
Charli had been telling everyone for WEEKS {honestly probably months} that "mommy was going to make REAL pixie dust for Halloween and she would be able to fly"... {FYI, I started to get a little concerned that Tink would probably try to jump off things thinking she could fly on Halloween night. hahaha}. Well Charli basically lost her mind when I pulled out a small canvas bag that had "real" pixie dust {confetti} in it just for her because what kind of Tinkerbell would she be without it... duh! Watching her sprinkle her pixie dust on her wings was just about the cutest thing I ever witnessed! But alas, she couldn't fly ;) "mommy, maybe you were right, maybe I can't fly"! 
Oh but baby girl you should always believe! 

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