Monday, November 7, 2016

Catching Moments: {43/52}:

*Wow Mommy...
The Blue Angels were in town at the beach again this past weekend and we are pretty lucky because where we live we got an amazing view right over our backyard! We didn't have to deal with the crowds of people, Crew got to nap, and Charli got to enjoy every single minute from the comfort of her swing set! Doesn't get any better than that! She was in awe again this year and can't wait until she can see them again! {they were still way too loud for Crew's liking when he finally woke up and he was definitely startled}.

*Sneaky Sneaky...
When this boy gets quiet there is no telling what he is up to... 99% of the time he is usually getting into our toothpaste, going to hide, and you can find him brushing his teeth... Hahaha. I guess there could be worst things he could be doing, but all my overly clean/OCD self can imagine is toothpaste on every inch of the house so yeah, it's not allowed! haha! But he's still cute when he's caught! 

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