Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Catching Moments: {27/52}:

*fur child edition...
Talk about catching a moment... In the middle of licking his lips hahaha. Can't get anymore "in the moment" than that! I couldn't love this picture more from one of our boat days during the last week of Summer! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Charli's Chapter: My First Day of Kindergarten:

from charli's chair:

My lunch is packed & teeth are brushed
I'm headed off to School
I promise mommy, I'll be brave
And follow every rule

You & daddy will be proud
I'll make sure to do my best
You've taught me everything I know
Now, to put it to the test

I sure am going to miss you mommy
And of course, bubba too
I hope that I
Don't get sad
For all of this is new

So, here I go
We're out the door
A deep breath I take in
Hand in hand, I look at you
It's my First Day of Kindergarten!

{oh baby girl, mommy & daddy are so proud of you and we wish you the BEST day ever! xoxo}
Oh, the places you'll go
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU dare the one who'll decide where to go." - Dr. Seuss

xo charli

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Crew Benjamin: 3 Year Update:

Those three little fingers
That you proudly show to me
As the years keep passing by
I say
 "how can all this be"

You're a lover & a snuggler
You're as clumsy as can be
You're such a little man now
How'd that happen 
At just three

 You'll always be our baby
Our sweet sugar bear
But watching you grow so quickly
Just doesn't seem fair

We love you our Crew Ben
And are excited for this year
We have no doubt you'll rock it
Because you have no fear!

Happiest Birthday to the most handsome three year old around! 
I still can't believe our sweet baby boy is "one, two, pree!". 
Life with this kid is truly amazing. 

As I have scrolled through birthdays past, so much of him has changed yet so much has stayed the same. He has gotten so big this year and no longer looks like a "baby" but his sweet little soul remains. My favorite time of the day is right after he wakes up. He is not a morning person {just like momma} and will climb right up into my lap while I'm drinking coffee and just curl up on me. In those minutes I just want him to stay little, but he's not. He is growing like a weed and often tells me "mommy, I'm your man. I da man of da house for daddy". I always repeat "yes, but you are always my baby". That's our Crew though, just the sweetest love, but don't let that fool you... Crew is nothing but boy. All he wants to do is chase Charli, act like a dinosaur, climb on everything, jump on everything, and I swear the kid has a new bruise every day. Three years into this "boy mom thing" and I still haven't lost my anxiety. haha. 

Crew Benjamin,
Mommy & Daddy love you so much and are so proud of everything you do. You our son, completed our family Three Years Ago and we couldn't imagine life without you in it. As your birthday approaches each year we always reminisce on those scary days we had when you were Born. You were a fighter from day one and we have no doubt you will continue to prove your strength to everyone who meets you. We love you sugar bear and hope you have the best day! 

Crew's Stats:
*Height: 41 INCHES
*Weight: 39 LBS
*Clothes: A solid 4T... Bubba is a bruiser
*Sleep: Bedtime: {we pushed it back during the Summer to about 8pm but normally 7:30pm}. He wakes anywhere between 6:45am to 7:30am. He has recently become afraid of the dark and says there are monsters & spiders in his room. It breaks my heart that he is scared, but he has done so well with sleeping with his door open and the bathroom light on {we have always shut our children's doors at night and they have always had night lights, but he needed more}
Nap time: He still naps hard which I love! I usually put him down around 1pm unless he has fallen asleep in the car before then. I am very thankful that Crew has always been my "transfer baby" {he will stay sound asleep when you move him, Charli never did} and he will sleep a good 3 hours still.
*Social: Crew loves people {family, friends, you name it} he will wave and say hello to people when we are out. He loves play dates and socializing with friends during the week. He gets so excited when we are pulling up to a friends neighborhood because he knows he gets to see them! It's the cutest.
*Milestones: The biggest was becoming fully potty trained this past year! Upcoming milestones will be starting a Parent Co-Op Preschool program with some amazing friends, as well as starting MOPS {Mother's of Preschoolers}. I think this will really help before he starts VPK next year. Another milestone that involves both Crew and I will be us officially having one-on-one time while big sis is in Kindergarten. He is so excited and tells me daily "Mommy, I can't wait to have bubba mommy time" {I can't wait either bubs!!} I feel this whole next year is going to be a milestone for everyone in our family and I pray that our love and strength guides all of us! 

The Yearly Birthday Survey: 
I started this when Charli turned three and I am so excited to finally do Crew's first survey! 

*How old are you? {holds up three fingers} I one, two, PREE!!
*What is your Favorite Color? Blue
*What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanna be like Daddy
*What is your Favorite Animal? A Lion
*What is your Favorite Food? Pizza
*What is your Favorite thing to eat for Breakfast? "muppins" {muffins}
*What is your Favorite thing to eat for Lunch? Hotdogs
*What is your Favorite thing to eat for Dinner? Pizza
*What is your Favorite thing to Drink? Milk {and then after saying his response, immediatley says "may I have some milk wight now?!"}
*Who is your Best Friend? "Wyan" {Ryan}
*What is your Favorite Toy? Trucks
*What is your Favorite TV Show? "Paw Troll" {Paw Patrol}
*What is your Favorite Movie? Cars
*What is your Favorite Book? Truck Book {Little Blue Truck}
*What is your Favorite thing to do? "widing my bike"
{FYI... Starting to lose interest in the questions now... He's singing...}
*What is your Favorite thing to do with your Family? Play with daddy
*What is your Favorite Holiday? "Tist-mas"
*What is your Favorite thing to Wear? Bicycle Shirt

Happy Third Birthday Bubs,
Mommy, Daddy & Charli love you!

{a glimpse of birthdays past}




Friday, July 28, 2017

Catching Moments: {26/52}:

*Crew's favorite thing to do at my parents is play the steel drum from St. Croix. He likes to tell us he is in a rock band, and by the look of it, I think he could pass! 

*"Mommy, I just need to relax some, ok"... Lazy pool days are what Summer is made of! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Charli Adele turns Five:

On Wednesday July 19TH our first born turned the big FIVE. What a milestone, right! Thinking about this Birthday and age and all of that this next chapter for her will bring {starting Kindergarten, losing teeth, making new friends, etc} makes me feel all the emotions. Our little girl is truly growing up. So when her big day arrived, though daddy was gone, I made it as special as I could {which is something I always have and will always do}. Steven not being here broke our hearts but getting a wakeup call first thing in the morning from him and hearing him sing to Charli was the highlight of her day {cue the melting heart}

Charli requested blueberry muffins and breakfast in bed for her birthday morning, and that is exactly what she got! I have a feeling this is going to now be a regular request... haha. Crew helped mommy carry her breakfast in to her and we sang Happy Birthday all morning long! 

We had friends come over a little later to spend the day with her and we headed up to the pool for a fun afternoon. That evening we surprised her with Nana & Papa coming over and taking her up to the Country Club for dinner where a ton of friends were to surprise her! She was so excited when we walked in and she saw everyone. Mommy also surprised her with a little bottle of Sparkling Juice that was served to her in a little champagne glass {insert best thing ever for her!}.

It was the best evening with all of her little friends and she said she had the best day! 

We were able to also celebrate Charli a few weeks prior when Daddy was still home with us. It was our special family night before he left. There were presents and cake and all the love you could imagine that filled our home! 

We surprised Charli with a brand new beach cruiser for her birthday and she was on cloud nine when daddy walked around the corner dinging the bell! 

We love you Charli and hope your birthday was as special as could be! 
We can't wait to celebrate her and our other Summer babe at their Joint Birthday Party


Now it's time for Mommy's Birthday Weekend!!! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Charli & Crew's Birthday Invitation: a joint party:

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday Friends!

I am so excited to finally be sharing this year's Birthday invitation! We have changed it up a bit and decided to do a joint birthday party for Charli & Crew. Their birthdays fall only 3 weeks apart from each other and unfortunately due to our family's schedule and wanting daddy to be a part of their  celebrations, this was our only choice. Charli was not excited about sharing her birthday party with her little brother but I think after seeing the invitations she changed her mind {because clearly the princess is still center of attention as you can see}. Thankfully Crew is still young enough that he really doesn't care, he is just so excited that it is almost his birthday {and I told him he was the crab, so he was cool with it! haha}. 

I came up with the theme "Mussels & Mermaids" {which I have never seen done before so of course I loved it even more}. I have had so much fun planning this party for our babes. I am keeping it super neutral in colors with a lot of white, a few mermaid decor items, but mostly a beach/shabby chic look. We are planning a big backyard bash with family & friends with plenty of fun water activities {because, Florida heat}.  I hope this gives you some inspiration if you are looking for a fun Summer theme for a boy/girl birthday party. I can't wait to put it all together in a couple of weeks and share all the details with you! 

I hope Charli & Crew love it and have the best celebration together! I still can't believe we have a FIVE year old and an almost THREE year old... 
Happy Birthday to our Summer babes! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Catching Moments: {25/52}:

*Crew wants to play Tennis so bad, but since he isn't old enough yet, Ball Boy duty it is. He loved picking up all the balls during big sisters camp last week! 

*Summer Tennis Camp year 2! Charli loves the sport and her forehand swing has improved so much. We have one more week of camp before school starts!