Thursday, July 19, 2018

Charli Adele: Six Year Update:

I cannot believe another year has passed us by and we are celebrating our baby girl being another year older. Birthdays will always be an emotional time for me as a Mother. Reminiscing on the very day your baby was born, how little they once were, how grown they have become, how time truly passes by so quickly right before your eyes. Last Year's Birthday seemed to be a lot more emotional for me as we were transitioning into this whole new life and chapter, it was a big year. 

Now here we are, an entire year later, Charli rocked Kindergarten, we are preparing for First Grade, we have this whole School Business under our belt, and she is Six... SIX you guys. Six just seems so big to me, as in our baby girl truly is a "big kid" now.

Charli Adele,
Oh beautiful girl, mommy and daddy couldn't be more proud of the amazing kid you have grown to be this year. We were so proud of everything you accomplished in Kindergarten and cannot wait to see you thrive in the First Grade. You have truly grown so much this year... not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally, & spiritually. Your mind is like no other; the way you think is unreal sometimes, not like a normal six year old. You overthink everything, you analyze it, you engineer it, and there is always a logical answer with you. We hope you always continue to think the way you do and to always ask all the questions. You truly have beauty & brains sweet girl. We are so excited to watch you learn and grow even more this year and we know you will continue to do great things this School Year. You have been full on reading, and it amazes us the books you can now pick up and read. We hope you always have a love for books like your daddy. You did amazing again this year in both Soccer & Tennis and we are excited to watch you continue with your love of those two sports. Mommy and Daddy love you so much honey and we pray that this year is your best year yet.
Happy Birthday baby girl! 

Charli's Stats:
*Height: 49 1/2 INCHES
*Weight: 55 LBS
*School Year: First Grade
*Milestones: Graduated Kindergarten, Lost 4 teeth {her next two bottom ones are very wiggly}, made so many new friends, went to Disney World for the very first time
*Favorite Things: Writing, Drawing, Coloring, Reading, Gardening, Swimming, Singing, Dancing, Acting, building Lego's, playing with her dolls, anything mermaid, princess, or fairy

The Yearly Birthday Survey:
*What is your Favorite Color? Pink
*What do you want to be when you grow up? A Mom and A Teacher
*What is your Favorite Animal? A Okapi
*What is your Favorite Food? Fish
*What is your Favorite Breakfast Food? French Toast
*What is your Favorite Lunch Food? oh man, now that's a hard one... Probably a Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich and an Egg Salad Sandwich, I love both of them.
*What is your Favorite thing to eat for Dinner? Steak
*What is your Favorite Drink? Oh, I definitely know that one... Chocolate Milk
*Who is your best Friend? Benjamin who lives at the Beach
*What is your Favorite thing to play with? Carli & Camille {her American Girl Dolls}
*What is your Favorite Movie? Coco
*What is your favorite TV Show? Spirit
*What is your favorite Book? Pinkalicious 
*What is your Favorite thing to do? Arts & Crafts
*What is your Favorite thing to do with your family? Go out to dinner
*What is your Favorite Holiday? Christmas 
*What is your Favorite thing to wear? Dresses

Happy Sixth Birthday Charli Adele!
Mommy, Daddy, & Bubba love you so much!

{a glimpse of Birthdays Past}

                                    newborn                                                         one

                                   two                                                                   three  

                                    four                                                                five

Monday, July 16, 2018

Crew's Corner: My First Day of Tennis:

from crew's crib:

The day is finally here
That I get to play a sport
With my racket in my hand
I can't wait to hit the court

I'm gonna swing
I'm gonna hit
And listen to the Pro
I'm ready to learn
Everything I need to know 

I am so excited
For Tennis Camp you see
Especially because
My sis will be with me!

 xo crew

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Coping with Crohn's: A Quick Update:

Good Morning & Happy Half Way through the week friends!
I wanted to drop in and give a quick update regarding my health. I am always so grateful for everyone who is constantly checking in on me, or asking how I am feeling. But since it has been well over a year since I actually posted an update, I thought I would do just that today.

At the time of my last post I was just out of the hospital where they found a severe internal infection and I was rushed up for surgery to have a Drain put in. Those next 7 weeks were truly some of the worst. I was in and out of the Emergency Room a handful of times due to the Drain Tube shifting and at the end of the 7 weeks, it started to come out.

{I came up with using a maternity band to hold the drain tube in place so it didn't tug at my incision sight}

My doctors were able to bump me for my Gallbladder surgery and get me in quicker due to the drain tube starting to come out and the concern of the infection leaking into my body. I only had a couple of minor complications which caused me to stay in the hospital for a few days, but all in all surgery went well. Recovery was rough for a couple of weeks; dealing with a ton of pain, it hurt to walk, but nothing I couldn't handle. I was slowly starting to feel like myself again and that was all I truly wanted.

This past year has been pretty good. I have good days and I have bad days. Nothing is ever consistent for me and I deal with daily challenges as I always have. I started iron infusions, B12 shots, my new Crohn's Infusion, on top of having countless tests, scans & procedures to check on things. I just had my 12th Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy last week and am headed in for an MRI of my stomach/abdomen tomorrow. All of these things are "normal" in my life and in my health and I am just continuing to stay positive & keep my head up during all of this. The results from this past Colonoscopy & Endoscopy weren't that great and I am back on steroids along with a few other meds to get some things under control. I will be heading back in for another Colonoscopy in 4 months to check on some things they found. We are still waiting for the results of the dozen biopsies that were taken, and I'm just praying all is good!

If you follow me on instagram then you also know I have been dealing with vision loss and had to get glasses. Having an Auto Immune Disease means that it can attack any and every part of your body. Well, it has finally attacked my eyes. This is going to be yet another change that I am going to have to embrace, but I am trying to stay positive.

All in all, I am just trying to enjoy each and every good day that I have with our babies while I can, because I never know how long the "good" will last.

I just want to be the mom they deserve! 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Catching Moments: {18/52}:

*Salty Air, Blonder Hair, those Sandy Toes, & Sun Kissed Nose... 
That's what Summer is made of! 
We have spent some Summer Nights at the Beach and as you can see it has made everyone happy! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Conversing with Crew:

*"Mommy, dem red fings just aren't my style" {he was referring to tomatoes that were on his plate}.
*"Mommy, I do it super fastly" 
*"dat is AH-stusting" {disgusting} 
*"It's what you did later" {I still haven't figured this saying out yet, haha. He literally says "later" about everything. Most of the time I know he means "earlier", but sometimes, I'm not quite sure! lol}
*"Mommy, you beautiful, you like my beautiful princess angel" {Charli chimes in}... 
Charli: "bubba, mommy can't be a princess and an angel, that just doesn't makes since, duh"
*"Ladies first" {and will literally stand with the door open waiting for you to walk through before him! How did we get so lucky with this little gentleman!}
*"I fink my brain is working right now"
*"I just pra- ticing my ninja stills mommy. Cause I a ninja just like daddy. Daddy's a ninja mommy"
*{as he is jumping up & down doing exactly what I know to him having to go pee}... 
Me: "Honey go potty"
Crew: "I no need to go potty... dats just me wein-ah dance"
*Crew to Nana: "Nana, girls not have wien-ahs, only boys have wien-ahs, so I a boy, OK"
*"Mommy, I was a baby wolf cub and den I become a human baby, isn't dat AHHH-mazing" {ooooo kay...}
*"dat is AHHH-possible" {impossible}
*"I feeling much more better"
*{he had a big scratch on his leg}
me: "honey, what happened here"
crew: "oh, its a long story"
me: "well I have time, I need to know what happened"
crew: "bogey scratched me"
me: "thats it?"
crew: "yep!"
me: "well that wasn't a very long story"

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Catching Moments: {17/52}:

*Their just living their best life...
Nothing screams Summer more than a day at the pool & beach with friends, followed by an ice cream sandwich! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Catching Moments: {16/52}

The first week of Summer...

*Had this one catching some waves with one of her best little buddies from school! 

*And had this one lounging ocean side with his Uncle Yaya!