Sunday, March 18, 2018

Charli's Chapter: Soccer Season Three:

from charli's chair:

Season three's upon us
Mommy says "How can this be"
That she feels like I just started
But that was Two Years Ago, you see

The last two seasons passed
In a blink of an eye
And this will be the last
Playing in U5

My skills keep getting better
With each and every day
Pull backs, shooting, passing
I just want to play

So here's to my third Season
And playing in the Spring
I'm excited to be back
Let's see what this year brings! 

xoxo, charli

Monday, March 12, 2018

Catching Moments: {9/52}:

*A simple afternoon of blowing bubbles. 

*I really can't tell you how amazing my one on one time has been with this boy since his sister started school. We miss her so much while she is away from us {until 30 minutes after she's been home and they are fighting}. But this boy right here, he is my little love and you better believe I am soaking up every. single. second with him before he officially heads off to school in the Fall. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Home Tour: Guest Bathroom:

Happy Friday friends! 
It has been quite some time since I have posted about our Home Renovations {over a year to be exact}, and I am so sorry about that. I am back though and am so excited to share with you the rest of the updates we did to our home a year and a half ago! 

If you can put your thinking caps on and remember way back when I posted about our Very First Home Renovation which was our back patio. Then we moved indoors to tackle our First Renovation Inside which was our Mudroom. This next renovation I am going to share with you came next! 

As we continued our flooring from the mudroom throughout the hall {and at that point throughout the entire house} we decided to tackle the guest bathroom. It was again a smaller space and something we felt comfortable tackling as our house was in shambles at this point, from flooring being laid and almost every wall in the house being painted. This is also the one bathroom almost everyone sees because it is the guest bath, so for me, having this space spruced up was a must.  

This before picture shows the type of flooring that was basically throughout our house {that dated white tile along with white carpet... everywhere} as well as what color every single wall was... Your typical "we are selling the house lets get a fresh coat of paint on every wall khaki" {sorry, but it's the worst, ours had a yellow tint to it and it made me cringe}. And don't get me started with the vanity. 

{making progress}

This bathroom {well all our bathrooms} made me cringe. I call the shower a dungeon {which we haven't updated yet because we know it will be a big project with what we have in mind}, nothing had ever been updated, and it was just awful really. I had big plans for this little space though and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. It took some convincing on my end for Steven to agree but I re-assured him it would look amazing, and it does!  


Long before we ever purchased our home Steven knew my love for shiplap and he also knew that one day I would be asking for it, well this was that day! I went over everything I wanted for this room before we demoed and he didn't really love the idea of shiplap only coming to a chair rail. I again re-assured him that it would look so amazing! I actually wanted it to go all the way around the room and he wanted to at least do one feature wall of all shiplap behind the vanity and toilet. I let him run with it and I absolutely love how it turned out! 

I have always wanted a Navy Blue room in my home, and finally being first time homeowners allowed us to do so {I am not the painting walls in rentals type of person... nope.}. So when we were discussing colors, I just knew this was going to be the room I wanted to go bold with! I went with Sherwin Williams Salty Dog and I am so happy with it! Everything about how this room and how it turned out couldn't be more perfect! I love how light & refreshing it is now! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Conversing with Crew:

I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing a new series with you...
Conversing with Crew!

I started Chatting with Charli when she was 2.5 years old because I never wanted to forget how she talked, or the things she said. I love looking back at all of them throughout the years and reading the ridiculously cute things she used to say. So it is only fair that we kick off Crew's new series... And boy does he have some quotes {note: not all are able to be shared though;)} haha!! I can't wait to look back on these one day! I hope you Enjoy!

*"I need to write dat in my diarrhea" {me: you mean diary? ((charli has a diary and he is obsessed with trying to steal it from her))}
*"Mommy, cows make milk." {me: they do honey, good job!} "Mommy, cows make milk with their wieners"... {me: nope. definitely not. And we may need to work on that one}
*"I'm da man of da house mommy. I take care of you"
*"I just need to eggs-ercise mommy, so my can be big & strong like daddy" {starts doing sit ups}
*{gasps with excitement} "what's that noise?? you hear it. It's my hungry mommy!! dats my tummy mommy, it's saying FOOD"
*"Mommy, you my best mommy eber!" {Charli: Bubs, mommy is your only mommy, duh, rolls eyes}
*"My never do it a-den" {about anything that he gets in trouble with... update: he has still done ALL the things he said he wouldn't do}
*"I need mommy snuggles" {I pray he always needs mommy snuggles}
*{as we are driving up a ramp to get on an overpass... imagine the most excited voice you can} "MOMMY, WOW, I see da whole wide world from here. My in da sky mommy, WOW"
*{rings Christmas bell} "I bee-weeve, I bee-weeve"
*"My need hungry mommy" {me: you mean, you ARE hungry and you NEED food?}
*"My need firsty" {seriously, this kids language...}
*"UGH, stop talking, you noying me" {annoying me}
*"Mommy... Mom... Mah... Momma... Mommy... Mom..." {all. day. long. And literally JUST like that}
*"Mommy, I wove you, you da best mom in da whole world" {seriously I can't tell you how many times he says this throughout the day! It. Never. Gets. Old.}
*{one of our military friends is moving and when we were on our way to their Going Away Playdate Crew states...} "Man mommy, I'm a really gonna miss dat guy... He's my best-fran"
*{when he's going potty and he tooted}... {me: honey do you need to go poo poo?} "no mommy, dats just a wiener pee fart... it's when you fart and go pee out your wiener, dats all" 

Oh bubs! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Catching Moments: {8/52}:

*Charli {aka: my little mommy} is the resident "babysitter" when some of our friends come over to play. "Mommy can I babysit" she exclaims! I absolutely love watching how tender and careful she is with the babies! But don't let that sweetness fool you, her sass is all too present... "Mommy you can't hold him, you have already had your turn with babies because you had me and bubba. This is MY turn to learn how to be a mommy, OK!" aye aye aye! 

*Crew loves playing fetch with Bogey and is pretty darn good at it too! 
I love watching it take place! 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Our Disney World Vacation: Day 3:

After our very low key Resort Day Two it was time for another day at the Parks! The kids were so excited after waking up and hearing that we would be going to "Mickey's Castle" again and see so many more fun things! First up on the day's adventure was Animal Kingdom!  We had such a fun morning walking around taking in all the sights and figuring out what we would check out first!

We immediatley got a fast pass for the Finding Nemo Musical and then continued on our way. We randomly walked up on Pocahontas and there was no line so were able to get right in. The kids were in awe and we are pretty sure Crew had a crush on her. He wouldn't let go of her hand and just kept smiling at her. It was the cutest. After our meet and greet we headed to see Nemo. I would highly recommend this show, it was absolutely amazing and the kids still talk about it! 

We spent the rest of our time at Animal Kingdom just walking around looking at animals, grabbing margaritas, and just letting the kids enjoy themselves. Honestly we didn't do too much at this park because both of our children are pretty terrified of most rides so they wanted nothing to do with the ones that were offered there. So after a few hours we called it a day for park one and were off to the next adventure! 

After we left Animal Kingdom we headed to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day, with a pit stop at Disney Springs for lunch! The kids were so excited to get back to "Mickey's Castle"

The rest of our day was spent going on a lot of the same rides we went on the First Day {per the kids request} which was fine by us. Seeing their faces so incredibly happy even though we had already done something was worth it all. I would do it all over again, the exact same way just to see that same magic and happiness in their eyes! 

We finished our Day with the most wonderful firework display at the castle before Crew fell sound asleep in the stroller and Charli & daddy hopped on a few more rides since everyone was leaving the park. 

It truly was an amazing few days at Walt Disney World with my little family and we can't wait to do it all again! 

The next morning we woke up and headed back home. It was the most fabulous three days we could have asked for. We topped the trip off with a surprise to the American Girl Store for Charli. 

She was in complete shock and so excited when we pulled up! Daddy even let her pick out a new doll! She got a "Truly Me" doll and got to name her herself! Welcome to the family Carli! 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Catching Moments: {7/52}:

*Florida sure knows how to do February right... We have been enjoying the 75-80 degree days for the past couple of weeks which can only mean one thing down here... Bring on the pool days, beach days, and sprinkler days! The kids have been having a blast!