Friday, September 26, 2014

Crafting Chronicles: A Few Fall things:

As I mentioned in yesterday's Fall post, we have been busy with a few fun Fall crafts! 
Here is a look at a couple of things we have been up to lately...

Charli's Pumpkin Masterpiece:

*Toilet Paper Roll
*Orange and Green Paint
*Paper (I always use card stock)
*A cute toddler

Bend toilet paper roll inward so that there is a small divot running down the roll 
(I also did this for a Valentine's Craft to make a heart shape, but bent it more).
Place one end into orange paint
And begin!

Charli had an absolute blast making the pumpkins! She was so proud of herself every time she lifted the roll off of the paper! 
To finish the pumpkins off, I painted green stems.

Now we have a perfect Fall masterpiece in our guest room!

Fall Pallet Sign:

*Pallet wood (I actually used the backside of our Monogrammed Pallet Sign that we made in the Spring)
*Sand Paper

I started by taking the back of the sign and doing a white wash 
(using white paint and a little water) 

Then stenciling and painting the words
 Then painted an arrow

After the paint dried, I sanded it down by hand
And voila!

I am in love with how this turned out and think it is the perfect touch for Fall!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Fall Y'all:

Well, it is officially Fall (crazy right?!)

I absolutely love Fall and everything about it! Although for me, I have never really thought of Fall until October 1st, which means I actually never decorate for "Fall", I just go straight into Halloween decor once October hits. Not this year! I don't know if it was being 9 months pregnant in the dead heat of Summer, or maybe not being able to enjoy the "Summer" activities like I would have liked to, or maybe just not enjoying being outside because I would be pouring sweat in .7 seconds, or maybe it's because I know these are our last 2 months here in Charleston...
Whatever the reason... I have been ready for all things Fall for a few weeks now; 
Ready for the change in weather and for all things pumpkin!
So here I am, in September, welcoming Fall with wide open arms!

We have also already been busy making Fall crafts.
Both the pallet sign and pumpkin masterpiece from Charli will be on the blog tomorrow, 
So stay tuned!

But for now...

Orange, Plaid, and Pumpkins Galore
Are just a few of the things in my Fall decor!

Happy Fall Y'all! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kiawah Island:

Since we moved to Charleston I have had a few places I knew I wanted to visit while we lived here and Kiawah Island was one of them. I am so happy to have finally checked it off of my list (even if the main reason behind going was for a Triathlon). 

So on Friday afternoon, after picking up Charli from school, we made the short 45 minute drive out to Kiawah to enjoy a perfect little weekend getaway and Crew's very first vacation! 

As we were entering the island we stopped at the Freshfields Village to do some shopping and walking around. From grabbing an iced coffee to share, the most delicious gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin muffin, an ice cream treat, and picking up some groceries at the Harris Teeter to take to the house... It was a great little time with my family!

 Then we headed to our friends house

 (And yes, that is a wine cellar... In the house!!)

One of Steven's friends dad has a house on the island and they were kind enough to allow us to stay there for the weekend! Our friends also made the trip to hang out with us and to cheer on Steven for his Triathlon on Sunday! 

After getting to the house and unpacking, we loaded the kids up in the stroller, grabbed a couple beers, and walked a few blocks to the beach. 

And on our way back to the house Charli fell asleep...
Can you say adorable! And a total first!

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with our friends, letting the girls play, and opening up  bottles of wine! 
Perfection at it's finest! 

Saturday morning we woke up to a not so sunny vacation day. It was grey and rainy all day but we didn't let that stop us from having some fun! So after breakfast we headed to the park up the street so the girls could play, the babies could snooze, and Steven could get his race packet for the next morning.

 After the park, we headed next door to the little Nature Center...

From the turtles, to the fish, to the snakes, and the alligator... 
There was plenty of things to look at and learn about! 

We headed back to the house after a fun morning to enjoy lunch, naps, cocktails, and football!
Then the daddy's were nice enough to let Sarah and I head out to the Sanctuary Hotel on the island for a mommy cocktail hour with an ocean view and a quick peek of the sunset before getting the dreaded text that we needed to come home because all 4 kids had gone mad and Crew had not stopped crying since I left! It was still a perfect hour, just us girls, sipping on a glass of wine!

After 'Mommy Hour' it was back to what we do best... Nursing, baths, and putting some exhausted little ones to bed! Then we continued our Mommy Hour with the boys and opened a fabulous bottle of wine from the wine cellar and enjoyed a relaxing evening all together! 

Sunday morning Steven was up before the sun to head out and get ready for his race. 
We had a quick breakfast, cup of coffee, and all got ready so we could head out to cheer him on!
Steven has raced in a few Sprint Triathlons but had never raced in a true Olympic distance event, so this was a first for him! I can't tell you how incredibly proud I am of the man I call my husband. He is one of the most athletic and talented people I know and can truly do anything that he sets his mind to! He didn't have any goals of placing in something like this, as he was focused more on completing it in a specific time he had set in his head. I am proud to say he not only finished in the time he wanted to but actually finished 71st out of over 250 men. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me! 

I think Charli enjoyed her seat while watching daddy race...
And cheering "Go Daddy, Go Daddy"

 The Swim:

The Bike:

 The Run:

The Finish Line:

 We are so proud of you honey! You did amazing!

After a busy morning, we all headed back to the house to enjoy a lovely Sunday brunch, Bloody Mary's and all, and an afternoon by the pool!

Charli and Ella swam and played, Crew snoozed and rocked his first pair of swim trunks, and us adults enjoyed the cocktails and company! 
It was a perfect Sunday afternoon! 

From all the snoozing and smiling, I think Crew enjoyed his first family vacation!

We truly had an amazing time!