Saturday, September 13, 2014

Crew Benjamin: 1 Month Update:

Disclaimer: I have never blogged on a Saturday but this is a little too important to miss! ;)


How are we already to the monthly updates??? 
Didn't I just have this sweet little boy?
Didn't we just come home from the hospital?
How is he already a whole month old?

Though he has been through a lot in his first month of life... From being sick and in the NICU, to already getting his first little cold from big sister... He is a champ! 
I love each second of every day with this little love. 
I love to hold,  sniff (love baby smells), and look at him all day long! 
He truly is a Mommy's little boy! 

 Crew is an amazing little eater, a wonderful napper (which Charli actually wasn't... still isn't, imagine that!;)), a pretty good sleeper, and all in all a very relaxed and chilled baby. I have noticed a lot of differences already between him and Charli at this age but I have also noticed similarities too. 

We are just so incredibly happy that our little guy is happy and healthy (mostly)! 
Happy One Month Crew Benjamin! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: Though he started off tiny he sure is putting on the LB's ;)! Crew is weighing in just under 10lbs (about 9lbs 13oz).
*Height: Right about 22inches
*Diaper Size: Newborn
*Clothes: Newborn. I put him in some 3 month stuff but it is all way too big still.
*Sleep: Crew would sleep all day if I held him! He truly is living up to the meaning "Momma's Boy" and I am loving it! He takes really great naps and will sleep anywhere. The car puts him right to sleep along with any motion or loud noise (vacuum, shower, blow dryer, even Charli screaming). The one and only thing I have noticed is that he will scream and cry in his swing or bouncy if he is really tired and I am right by him... The moment I pick him up he stops, falls asleep, and I can put him right back in! Bedtime started off really great the first 2 weeks. He was sleeping 4-5 hour stretches (going down about 10pm and not waking for his first feeding until 3am). Everything changed though due to his cold. He has been so congested that he had to sleep in the bouncy a few nights because he couldn't breathe. We now have his 'snuggle nest' bed inside of his bassinet and I have his snuggle nest at a slight incline to keep his head up. This has helped some but he is only going 3-4 hour stretches before his first feeding now (goes down now at 9:30pm and wakes around 1:30am).
*Food: Exclusively nursing and homeboy loves to eat! He eats just about every 2-3 hours!
*Noises: He makes all sorts of noises but isn't cooing or anything yet. He is a grunter and a squeaker!
*Social: When he isn't sleeping or eating, he loves to look at us or shadows. He loves when big sister sings to him and loves to just look around. He hasn't smiled yet (except for in his sleep).

We love you so much little man and you have truly completed our family! 
Keep growing big and strong! 

Happy One Month sweet boy!


  1. Sweet little boy! Can't believe he's already a month old!

  2. I too can't believe he is already a month old! I am so glad to hear he likes to nap!!! Yay for sleep!

  3. Gosh he is precious!!! Can't believe he is one month!!!! And yay for sleep!

  4. Good grief! Has it already been a month?!?! He is so cute! And I see some Charli in him in a few of these pics!