Friday, September 26, 2014

Crafting Chronicles: A Few Fall things:

As I mentioned in yesterday's Fall post, we have been busy with a few fun Fall crafts! 
Here is a look at a couple of things we have been up to lately...

Charli's Pumpkin Masterpiece:

*Toilet Paper Roll
*Orange and Green Paint
*Paper (I always use card stock)
*A cute toddler

Bend toilet paper roll inward so that there is a small divot running down the roll 
(I also did this for a Valentine's Craft to make a heart shape, but bent it more).
Place one end into orange paint
And begin!

Charli had an absolute blast making the pumpkins! She was so proud of herself every time she lifted the roll off of the paper! 
To finish the pumpkins off, I painted green stems.

Now we have a perfect Fall masterpiece in our guest room!

Fall Pallet Sign:

*Pallet wood (I actually used the backside of our Monogrammed Pallet Sign that we made in the Spring)
*Sand Paper

I started by taking the back of the sign and doing a white wash 
(using white paint and a little water) 

Then stenciling and painting the words
 Then painted an arrow

After the paint dried, I sanded it down by hand
And voila!

I am in love with how this turned out and think it is the perfect touch for Fall!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


  1. Cute! You are so stinking crafty!! :)

  2. Um...that pumpkin print is the CUTEST!!! I am going to do this with Cam! Thank you for the idea!!