Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Update: September Storms, More Football, and the Aquarium:

Well, this weekend called for some more nasty September Thunderstorms and they didn't disappoint... So it was another perfectly relaxing weekend for us which was perfectly alright by me! 
We have so much going on in these next couple of months (which by the way are our last living here in Charleston) so having nothing to do is just what we need, especially since I don't want to overdo it with a newborn. 

Friday morning consisted of Crew and I dropping big sis off at school, heading to my GI Doctor's appt (another colonoscopy in my very near future), and doing a little shopping before heading back to pick Charli up. 

Friday afternoon consisted of me cleaning up the back patio (sweeping really) and the garage while Crew snoozed and before the nasty rain hit. Then it was back inside with this munchkin...

(The shirt pretty much sums it up...)

Steven got home shortly after, and brought me home beautiful roses just because! I'm pretty sure I won the husband lottery! He is too good to me! Then it was daddy play time!
Charli's favorite time of day! 

Saturday morning we woke up wishing the sweetest little boy a happy One Month Birthday! Seriously can't believe he is already a whole month old... Then Steven headed out for a 55 mile bike ride (in the rain) with some friends while we lounged around downstairs watching cartoons before College GameDay came on, and making some yummy Pumpkin Muffins! 

There was waiting...

 Then eating...

 It honestly felt like the perfect Fall morning (just still humid and 90 degrees outside)...
But it was perfect none the less!

The rest of our day consisted of lots of football and lots of rain and it ended with a perfect turkey dinner... and wine... duh! ;)

 What a perfect Saturday at home! 

This morning we woke up to more rain and thunderstorms...
We enjoyed more muffins and coffee while we watched movies and lounged until the rain lightened up. Then we decided to head to the South Carolina Aquarium downtown for Crew and Steven's first visit.  Charli and I went exactly this time last year

Her love for fish and animals is amazing and adorable!

To say that Charli had a blast would be a total understatement! She was so happy and excited to look at everything. She even touched a snake... Eww! 
Crew on the other hand snoozed through his entire first visit! ;)

And Steven enjoyed his first visit too...

(I seriously couldn't stop laughing... I'm so immature! Hahaha! Note the 'Slippery Dick' fishy behind him!)

As we were leaving Steven spotted dolphins out in the river!

After we left the Aquarium we headed a couple of blocks up into downtown to do a little shopping!
On the second Sunday of every month, they close King St to all cars and open it up to all pedestrians.

We completely forgot that it was Second Sunday on King and were just planning on running in and out of Pottery Barn and then heading home so we left our fancy new double BOB stroller in the car. Of course we decided to walk around a little more so this happened...

 (He's basically amazing!)

Crew also snoozed right through his first Second Sunday on King! ;)

We were playing with a ticking time bomb since it was 2PM and we hadn't had lunch and were forgoing nap...
Thankfully a quick stop to Jimmy Johns for lunch cheered one little girl who only wanted her daddy (jealous maybe?) right up... And a little frozen yogurt! 

And we headed home right as the rain started! 

We spent the rest of our afternoon in sweats watching football! 

We had  a wonderful weekend and I hope you did as well! 


  1. Charli's shirt is perfect! And how cool that y'all saw dolphins after leaving the aquarium!

  2. Kyle and I took a picture of the same "Slippery Dick" sign when we were on our honeymoon in Charleston 7.5 years ago :-) Too funny! PS - Your family is so stinking adorable!!!