Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birchbox: August Delivery:

Since I already received the best present I could ask for this month I forgot my Birchbox arrived while I was in the hospital! 

Needless to say I was yet again excited to see what goodies had come in the mail for me! 

In the Box:
*Catherine Malandrino- Style de Paris Fragrance: A Birchbox Exclusive: This is the designer's first-ever scent that mingles summery fruits and florals for an elegant vibe.
(I love receiving smell goods!)
*Marcelle- BB Cream Golden Glow: Also a Birchbox exclusive: This is rich in antioxidants and hydrating aloe, and works on all skin types.
(I still say that you can never have enough lotions. Especially these travel sizes. They work great for vacations or if you are really generous, filling up your guest vase with all of these so your guests have lovely options to choose from if they forgot their own!)
*Noir Cosmetics- Long-Wear Eyeliner: A waterproof liner that is enriched with vitamin E for all-day wear.
(I am almost out of eyeliner so this was a very welcomed gift!)
*Not Soap, Radio- Happiness Including Body Wash: An aromatherapeutic cleanser and Paraben-free!
(This will be going with me in my toiletry bag on vacation next weekend!)
*SeaRx- Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion: A powerful mix of sea-borne ingredients that work to hydrate and smooth skin for glowy results.
(I hope this works with preventing age like it says! ;) Lord knows I need it right now!)

Another great month of goodies! 

Happy Tuesday!

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