Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer Blues:

Summer has now faded
Straight into the Fall
But there is one thing that won't change
Won't change at all...
And that's my Summer babies blues
They are here to stay
And they are absolutely perfect 
In their own unique way!

Her's are bluer than blue
and as light as the sky
They are crystal and clear
Just like her daddy's eyes!

His are more navy
A deep dark blue
Like the depth of the Ocean
Starring back at you!

These are my Summer Blues
Right here, You see
These two sets of eyes
Always starring at me!

Happy Fall! :)


  1. So creative! And they both definitely have exceptional eyes.

  2. BEAUTIFUL - I always hoped Waverly got her daddy's blues, love blue eyes! XO

  3. Love! I'm so glad one of my kiddos got my blue eyes, nothin like some baby blues! ;)