Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crew's Corner: Teething Blues:

From Crew's Crib:

It's been a few months now
And still there are no teeth
I'm getting very frustrated
As it's interfering with my sleep

It makes me quite cranky 
And a little clingy too
Nothing seems to help them
These are my teething blues

From my Sophie to my teething ring
Or whatever I can reach
I put it in my mouth
To try and give me some relief

My mommy says she sees them
That they should cut any day
I really hope she's right
I want these blues to go away!


Until my next adventure
Thanks for stopping by!

xo crew

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coping with Crohn's & Cancer:

I want to first start by saying how hard this has been to write about but that it has actually helped me cope a little better.
So here it goes...


One thing I can honestly say I thought I would never hear was "you have early stages of cancer". I am very aware of my disease and the fact that I am sick, even though I look completely healthy on the outside (that is the reason Crohn's Disease is so misunderstood). Deep down I knew it could be possible that one day this could happen, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it actually would.

But here I am, a young 29 year old woman, married to the most loving, amazing, and perfect man, with the two most beautiful and healthy children I could have ever dreamed of having, and I am sick. To say that I am in a state of shock, fear, and disbelief would be an understatement. How did this happen to me? Why did this happen to me? Questions I have been asking myself for 3 months now, and questions I may never know the answer to. We have just recently started telling all of our family and close friends because it is something I didn't want people to worry about for me and it was news that both Steven and I needed to wrap our heads around ourselves. I still don't want to believe it is true, but I know that everything happens for a reason and that all of this is going to make me an even stronger person in the end! Though my Crohn's Disease has taken a turn for the worst I think we are ready (or as ready as we will ever be) and we will be holding on tight for what is ahead.


It all started a week before we headed down to Jacksonville before we moved from Charleston. I received some news from my GI Doctor regarding my last Colonoscopy in October.
My colonoscopy results showed that my entire right side of my colon, part of my transverse colon, and patches into my left had developed Dysplasia. Dysplasia is an early stage of cancer. We were told that my best and really only option at this point would be surgery.

Steven and I were sent immediately to meet with an amazing GI Surgeon in Charleston. One morning, after dropping Charli off at Preschool we headed in to an appointment that we weren't sure we were ready for. We had some things answered but knew we weren't out of the woods yet and knew we were in for a bumpy road. We felt incredibly thankful that this surgeon used to live and practice up here in Newport and had a few colleagues on the phone immediately. We had Doctors on stand by, waiting for our arrival into our new city. Needless to say I had an appointment scheduled for as soon as we drove into town (literally an hour after pulling into Newport we headed to the Doctor), and within our first 7 days of living here I had 3 Doctors appointments along with a visit to the Hospital for a CT Scan. Nothing like "Welcome to Newport. I have since met with 2 more GI Specialists in Newport and Providence and will be meeting with a GI Specialist Surgeon in Providence soon to schedule my surgery (it has been a busy couple of months for sure).

So where are we now?

My GI Specialist in Providence confirmed that I do in fact have early stages of cancer.
I went in today for a procedure called a Colonoscopy Chromo Endoscopy. This helps to better detect the cancer cells so they will know exactly how much of my colon to remove when it comes time for surgery. After 40 biopsies were taken today, my Doctor feels confident that only half of my colon will be removed. This does not mean my Crohn's Disease will be cured, as there is no cure. But this should take care of all the cancer and eliminate the need for chemo and hope that no more will develop.

We are planning for an early April surgery so I have enough time to build up a good supply of milk for Crew. I have been pumping like crazy (which I hate) to make sure I have enough for him. This is also why we started him on food earlier than we expected toThankfully my mom is able to fly up and be with us for over a month, as I could be in the hospital for up to 10 days plus recovery time after that.

Needless to say it has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions the past few months, but we have all the Faith in the world. I am ready for the road ahead of me and everything it will entail. I want to also say thank you, from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has put me on prayer lists and who have checked in on me!

It truly means the world to us! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Grammy's Visit & Our Second Blizzard:

Steven's mom arrived last Thursday and from the time the kids and I picked her up from the airport it snowed! We had a snow storm in the forecast for her visit that quickly turned into a Blizzard warning. We are thankful that she had no issues with flights and made it to us safe and sound. With all the snow and frigid temps (it was literally -30 one day) we didn't do too much. The majority of her trip was spent inside, keeping warm, and snuggling these two as much as she could!

Though we spent most of our time at home, we were able to venture out some to show her everything Newport had to offer! Steven took her to the Officers Club one afternoon, we ate at Bossman Burgers (which they carry Gluten Free buns and it was delicious!), drove her around the entire Island including Jamestown, and had dinner on her last night at Atlantic Beach Club (one of our favorites)

We not only had Grammy for Crew's 1/2 Birthday (which was celebrated)

But we also had Grammy for Valentine's Day which was so special! 
We woke up Valentine's morning to all us girls getting roses from Steven and lots of other fun things! We made the perfect Valentine's breakfast; heart pancakes and all, and shared a wonderful day together!

The Blizzard (Neptune) started Saturday early evening and only continued to get worst which ultimately ruined our Valentine's date plans of going to Brix Restaurant. So instead, my amazing husband opened a nice bottle of wine, whipped up some chicken parm, and we had the most amazing Valentine's dinner at home together as a family and we hunkered down for the storm. We did end up losing power during this storm but thankfully for only about 30-35 minutes. Right as I was pulling Charli out of her bed to put her in bed with us so we could keep her warm it turned back on! 
Praise the Lord!

Sunday morning we woke up to a lot of snow and a lot of wind...

 We spent most of the day inside. Enjoying the fire, enjoying Bloody Mary's, enjoying playing pool in the basement

But most of all, enjoying our time with Grammy!

Once the winds finally died down some, Grammy, Steven, and Charli ventured out to shovel and play in the snow! 

 Crew and I stayed in as the temperature was just too cold to take Crew out in. It didn't stop me from peeking my head out though to snap some pictures of all the fun they were having together! 

*Caught Steven red handed... Pushing his mother straight into the snow! 

With the storm passed, we were able to reschedule our Valentine's dinner date for Sunday evening and still take advantage of Grammy being in town so we could sneak out for a date night (haven't had one in over 5 months). Though dinner was amazing and we enjoyed our time as just Steven & Traci, the weather conditions were still bad and we honestly shouldn't have been driving (and the fact that the restaurant was packed was baffling...)

Though the Blizzard conditions had passed it was still snowing, and snowed all day yesterday. It may have been a cold, snowy visit, that kept us indoors, but we wouldn't have traded it  for the world! 
All in all, we truly had a wonderful visit and are so glad Grammy could be here with us!

Until we see you again Grammy!
We love you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chatting with Charli:

Here she goes again... ;)

*Move people (to all the cars on the road as we are driving)
*Come on bubs, just get your teef out (clearly he is still teething...)
*My tummy is not feeling whale (aka "well"). I fink my tummy has a ache.
*Oh no, I fink bubs has a feva (as she places her cheek on his forehead like I do), he's not feeling whale (he didn't have a fever by the way ;))
*Mama, you can have it, its gluten flea (as she tries to hand me just about everything)
*My all done 
*Mommy look, I have boobies too... I can feed Chu too! (ummmm... haha! Not really sweetie)
*Feyafator (refrigerator)
*Hush Bogey (every time he barks...)
*I love the bowling alice (aka: bowling ally!)
*Can I have some avotados (avocado)
*Bubs, you have to blow your nose (as she holds a tissue to his face)
*It's O-Hey Momma, he lites it, he finks it's funny! (as she is smashing her face and chin into Crew's belly and chest and he is in fact dying laughing)
*Momma, you have to go to the hosa-petal again? (aka: hospital) (Yes baby girl... She knows too much about Doctors and Hospitals unfortunately...)
*Byyyyyye, see you nest time, Merry Tismas (as she says goodbye to my Doctors and nurses after an appointment... haha! And yes she STILL tells us Merry Christmas every morning that she wakes up!)
*Dada, you no have to go to work, you can just stay home wif me (oh how he wishes!)
*Mama, no be mad at me OR Mama, no be mean (yes, it is official... I am the mean one!)
*Just hold my hand (as she is sitting on the potty)
*Happy Bawentimes Day! (Valentine's)
*I'm talking on the flone (aka: phone... as she walks around the house talking on her toy phone! haha)
*You my best fwiend mommy (oh how I hope she says that forever!)
*Than You, Than You (as she take a bow, after every single time she sings or dances. hahaha)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day:

From the two sweetest Valentine's that there ever was! 

Happy Valentine's Day!