Friday, October 10, 2014

It's a Crohn's Life:

And it's my life...

Which means another colonoscopy...

This Colonoscopy has been basically scheduled for the last 11 months.
You see, after my last Colonoscopy and the findings from the many biopsies that were taken, I needed to go back in for more biopsies a few months later but I got pregnant.
My Doctor has been waiting for me to give birth so he could go back in to look at some things and run some more tests.

Well friends... Monday is the day.
There are so many things on my mind right now and I am just trying to take it one day at a time and remember that everything happens for a reason and whatever the outcome we will get through it! There will be a lot of biopsies taken, a lot of tests run, but to be honest, the only thing I am truly worried about this time around is Crew.

He will be exactly two months old on Monday and I won't be able to nurse him for 24 hours. I had to do this when I had a Colonoscopy while nursing Charli but she was already 6 months old. Crew is just still so little and new and needs his Momma! I have been pumping all week and will have a good supply built up for him by Monday, but it has already brought tears to my eyes knowing I won't be able to have him on me as normal.
But again, we will get through it and I will be able to nurse him again soon enough!
I am also very thankful that my mom will be here this weekend and on Monday to help out.

As for me, I am staying positive and praying for good news because that's all I can do!
And to know that I have the most supportive and loving husband and family by my side through all of this is what really helps me and I feel truly blessed!

So here is to a Happy Friday and start to our weekend before my all liquid diet and prep on Sunday!


  1. Oh goodness what a huge amount of emotion going into Monday, you poor thing. As though a colonoscopy needs to be any harder! Good luck with it all, and with the prep night xx

  2. Prayers that everything goes well! I'll be thinking about you!!

  3. No fun. Best wishes for a smooth day.