Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crew's Corner: My Playmat:

(yep, you saw it coming right?!) ;)

From Crew's Crib:

They lay me on this mat
And I'm unsure of what to do
Until the toys above me
Start making noises too

They crinkle, squeak, and sing
And have rings that I can grasp
Mommy, Daddy, and big sis
Even seem to have a blast

Sometimes they roll me over
And put me on my belly
They wait until I lift my head
Then start cheering, they are silly!

I've even rolled back over
And they seemed to make a gasp
They cheer even louder
And mumble "he's growing up too fast"!

So this mat that I'm unsure of
Is actually quite neat
I love to lay and play on it
It is a special treat!


Until my next adventure...

Thanks for stopping by!

 xo crew