Friday, October 17, 2014

Crafting Chronicles: Bats, Bats, and more Bats:

We have been busy making some fun Halloween crafts for the house and they are both mom and kid approved! 

I absolutely love this stage/age with Charli when it comes to crafting! She has always been my little crafting buddy and has always loved watching/helping me as well as making her own, but now she knows and understands what crafts are and she LOVES them just as much as her mommy! 
The fact that I can tell her exactly what to do and she will do it, and there are no longer any messes that come from crafting (maybe a minor concussion, but no paint spills... don't worry, I will circle back around to the minor concussion comment). 

Bat Handprint

One of my best friends shared with me a handprint craft that she did with her little boy, so I just had to do one for Charli too! Thanks again Kelly!!

Step 1: Have black paint, paper, and an adorable toddler
Step 2: Paint adorable toddler's hands black
Step 3: Place hands onto paper and press
Step 4: Paint a face! I also added two mini bats!
Step 5: Frame!  

Charli loved this craft! She also loves running over to it in the foyer and saying 
"See Momma, my bats! See, See"! 

Bat Branches

Step 1: Hunt for branches (I only wanted 2), this was also one of Charli's favorite steps!
Step 2: Have branches, black ribbon, white paint, and scissors
Step 3: Cut ribbon into strips
Step 4: Tie ribbon strips onto branches
Step 5: Paint two eyes on each 'bat'

 Love, Love, Love these bat branches!! I kind of want to do more! ;)

So what a fun morning for crafts right?! 
Well, it started out fun and perfect... Until I was cleaning up...

Charli was still sitting in the chair at the table and we were talking and she was looking outside as she started to turn around in the chair. I of course got on to her, telling her she needed to be very careful and sit still until Mommy could get her down (our breakfast nook table and chairs are bar height). Not 30 seconds later as I was finishing up at the sink and walking over to her she fell off the chair backwards, head first, hitting the table, then the leg of the table, followed by the wood floor...
Insert moment of panic and a bit of "didn't I just tell you to be careful so you wouldn't fall"...

As Charli cried in my arms I checked her to make sure nothing was wrong and she had no boo boo's, until I rubbed my fingers gently around her head... A huge golf ball size knot had already appeared along with a gash and blood...
Insert moment of super panic...

I immediately called Steven in tears and thankfully he was able to rush home. He walked in as Charli laid on my chest which had a frozen bag of peas on it. She had already been complaining of being "so tired Momma". Steven checked her eyes and called his Uncle (who is a Doctor). She thankfully was showing no other signs, so he told us to continue to watch her, but that she has just a minor concussion and there wouldn't be anything else to do. 

Good Lord, how does arts & crafts turn into that?! 

Thankfully she was acting like herself again in no time and because Daddy came home for just a bit we thought it was appropriate to make Halloween cupcakes for one little girl...

Thankfully the rest of the day went smoothly and she recovered quickly and is back to normal! 

Oh the life of having a toddler! ;)

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy Crafting! 

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  1. Now that's a crafting day for the books! Glad she's okay though, and I love all of the bats!