Monday, October 20, 2014

Charli's First School Field Trip:

This weekend was Steven's very last Drill Weekend here (seriously can't believe we only have a month left). Our weekend was pretty low key; Steven worked, Charli had a fever all weekend which kept us indoors for the most part, we watched some nasty football on Saturday, but then the Jaguars won yesterday, so yay!
The highlight of our weekend was Charli's School Field Trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday morning and hitting up a second pumpkin patch Friday evening to buy our pumpkins...

(my little pumpkins)

So on to the reason for the post...
Charli's First Field Trip !

The field trip was to Legare Farms. We drove out to the farm to meet  up with Charli's class friends and teachers. We arrived a few minutes late because we had to make a couple of special stops on the way because our little 2 year old had to potty... Yes my friends... She is potty trained! (Don't worry there will be posts to come about all of that fun!)

The first stop at the farm was the tractors for a Hayride!

 Once we all loaded on to the tractor we headed out to the field where we got to feed the cows and pigs! This was hilarious! Charli did not like feeding the cows, she was pretty terrified as was I to be completely honest! This was the first time I think I have ever fed a cow and their tongues feel like sandpaper and it was a bit intimidating!  
I am pretty sure the cows know that once they see the tractors they get treats because they charged at us and were wanting their snacks! One cow even thought it was appropriate to jump on our tractor and take some of our hay himself! haha!

Definitely a fun experience for sure!

After the Hayride we got to feed some more animals. 
Charli enjoyed feeding them much more than the cows!

Next was a stop to the porta potty (and yes Charli will use the bathroom EVERYWHERE!) then it was the all important snack time. Once the kids had their snacks it was on to the last stop of the field trip... The Pumpkin Patch, where they got to pick one pumpkin to take home!

Charli was very proud of her pumpkin! I of course think it was the most perfect one of all!

 Even though Crew slept the entire time it was his very first visit to a pumpkin patch and his first Hayride! ;)
Clearly having a blast! 

 Field Trips are also good for us parents to learn about boyfriends...

Yep... we caught you!
And he's not the only one...  
Daddy didn't find it as amusing! ;) 

But seriously, is that not the MOST adorable thing ever... I die! 

And that's a wrap for Charli's First School Field Trip!
It was a blast!

 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Monday!


  1. Way too adorable, that boyfriend!!!!! My hubby would feel the same way ... ;). Love charli's dress!!!!

  2. Okay, holding hands at this age is sooo stinking cute! What a fun field trip. Those crazy cows! I got to go on a similar field trip with Jed last week and it was so fun to watch how he interacted with his classmates. Plus, he was super excited to have me there. Made me feel like a million bucks.

  3. Boyfriends?! This pumpkin patch looks like so much fun.. and I love that the hayride takes you out to feed the animals.

  4. Is it weird that I have been missing the feeling of cows tongues the past few weeks? I raised steers growing up, and I always loved when they licked me. And for some reason, I've been missing that lately. The boyfriend pictures are just too much! I love them!!!!