Friday, July 31, 2015

Evite: A Garden Party:

Happy Friday Friends! 

With July at its end and before I get to work on all things First Birthday related I wanted to share that Evite featured Charli's Garden Party on their website! I feel so honored that people other than myself loved what I came up with and loved it so much that they wanted to showcase it! 

So head on over and check it out! 
And while you are there check out any of the other parties they have featured! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and here's to welcoming Crew's Birthday Month tomorrow! 

Thirty: My Golden Birthday:

{30 on the 30th}

Wow, I am really 30...

As I sit here and type this as a now 30 year old (so much older and wiser than two days ago) and reflect back on this past decade I can't help but think how truly lucky and blessed I am. I have had ups and downs, good times and bad, but my 20's were good to me... I Graduated from College, Received my Bachelor's Degree, Partied... a lot, Met Steven, Got Engaged, Got Married, Dealt with my very first Deployment, Dealt with many Underways/Days Apart from the love of my life, Developed a Disease (well two), Was given a Diagnosis that I never thought I would, Had a major surgery, Have dealt with being sick every day of my life for the past 5 years, Moved 4 times, Lived in 4 different homes, and most importantly had 2 beautiful healthy children. Everything that happened in my 20's has led me to where I am today and has set me up for even better years to come! I am not sad or depressed to be 30... I am rather excited for everything this decade will bring to me and my family!

To celebrate entering into this new era we planned a trip to Cancun with some of my very best friends to celebrate both mine and my best friend Christie's 30th birthdays (her birthday is two weeks earlier than mine). So last week we packed our bags, kissed our babies (thanks again Nana and Papa), boarded the plane and were on our way to Mexico!

We stayed at the same resort Steven and I went to last June for Our Babymoon and though there seemed to be a couple of changes with the resort this time, it was still just as amazing and even better because I could enjoy a few adult beverages this go around! ;)


Happy 30th Birthday to us! Love you C-Ris! 

All in all, it was the perfect vacation. We missed our babies like crazy by day 2 but we took full advantage of the down time, the sleeping in (not that we actually did... welcome to parenthood), the relaxing, and the time with our friends! Thank you everyone who could be a part of our birthday trip and for making it a truly special celebration!
We love you all!


The celebration continued yesterday on my actual birthday, where I spent the morning at Ponte Vedra Inn & Spa (one of my absolute favorite places here at home) with my mom and Christie! We relaxed as we were pampered and it was the perfect way to ring in my 30's! Thank you SO much again honey, you truly spoil me and I don't know what I did to deserve it all! The rest of the day I was unfortunately very sick (as I am most days) so we spent time at home with the babies doing nothing! Though that is all I wanted to do for my birthday I was hoping I would have at least been feeling well. We had cake with the kids (which Charli had been asking for ALL. DAY. LONG.) and she was so excited to sing to me again and so she could show me how I was supposed to blow out the candles! Thankfully I was feeling good enough that we didn't have to cancel our plans and could still meet some friends out for my birthday dinner that night (thank you again mom and dad for offering to keep the kiddos)! I truly had a very special day all thanks to my husband, family, and friends!

Thank you to everyone who made my day extra special by sending the sweetest birthday messages! Each one was appreciated more than you know! 

So here is goodbye, to a part of my life I did the most growing, became a wife, and became a mother... And hello to everything that lies ahead! I have a good feeling about you 30, so bring it on!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Charli's Third Birthday:

I still can't believe our baby girl is Three! We had such an amazing time celebrating with family and friends! We had a full week celebration that included Grammy and Aunt Jettie coming into town! My sister-in-law is pregnant with their first baby (a boy) and this is the first time we have seen her since announcing. Charli couldn't wait to give her sweet baby cousin a kiss! We had such a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying family before the actual birthday festivities began!

Sunday July 19th was the big day! We woke up to a brand new three year old (who decided to sleep in)! When she finally woke up we sang to her, had a special birthday breakfast (where we sang to her again), and let her open her presents from Mommy & Daddy and from Nana & Papa!

Charli has been asking for a yellow bike since about May (maybe even earlier). Well with a Daddy who is a cyclist and used to race BMX, he was MORE than happy to deliver her request!!! I'm pretty sure this is the coolest first bike ever! Charli couldn't wait to go outside with Daddy and try it out (jammies and all!)

After a fun morning playing with her new presents we were excited to welcome some friends and family over to celebrate our Queen Bee at Charli's Garden Party!

I had her party idea planned since basically after her second birthday. With her love for all things "Garden" related; flowers, butterflies, worms, dragonflies, bumble bee's, and yes even picking weeds, I knew a Garden Party would be perfect for our little outdoor girl! I had so much fun putting everything together and went for more of a rustic/vintage garden and it turned out absolutely perfect! 

 Between my decor that I made sure to travel with after our move and my mom's decor we had almost everything on hand. There were a few purchases made (all of the party favors, flowers, and of course food) but I was excited that I was able to re-use things from around my mom's house! 

For the party favors, I did bamboo butterfly nets and made cute little clay pots with flower seeds!

 One tradition I have kept every year for Charli's birthdays and will do for Crew is to have one picture from every month of that year to showcase. I love seeing how much they grow and change just within 30 days! 

Since we did her party on her actual birthday which was on a Sunday, I kept the food light. We had egg salad sandwiches, a strawberry summer salad, cheese, some pretzels and goldfish, along with grape skewers (caterpillars), ants on a log, and dirt & worm cups!  

Along with a small candy bar of more gummy worms! 
Because you can never have enough wormies! ;)

Everything turned out perfect and Charli had a blast with all of her friends and family! 

 Thank you everyone who could be a part of our little girl's special day! 
You all truly hold a special place in our hearts and made Charli's day! 

Happy Birthday Charli!