Sunday, July 19, 2015

Charli Adele: Three Year Update:

Happy Birthday to our sweetest little three year old!
How has it already been three years? It seems just like yesterday we were holding our baby girl in our arms for the First Time! Though Charli's personality and little attitude gets the best of us sometimes, she makes every single day being her Mommy and Daddy so worth it. We could not imagine our life without this sweet girl. 

Charli is the most intelligent little girl I have ever met. She is strong willed and stubborn, yet so loving and sweet.  She is incredibly cautious and has a good since of fear, she has recently discovered shadows and is afraid of the dark, she could win a competitive toddler eating contest, and she can put a smile on anybody's face. She is hilarious and is certainly one of a kind! Don't ever change baby girl (well maybe the whole attitude and threenager-ness could be re-adjusted) but we love you just the way you are! Happy Happy THIRD Birthday Charli Adele! 

Charli's Stats:
*Weight: 42 lbs
*Height: 40 inches
*Clothes: 4T and even some 5T
*Sleep: Nap- She rarely actually sleeps during her nap time but she still has a 2 hour rest time around 1pm. She gets to lay in bed with her Nabi Jr. tablet. She is quiet, relaxing, and sometimes ends up falling asleep. Bedtime- 7pm and wakes up round 6:30am.
*Food: Breakfast- typically a bowl of cereal, but sometimes yogurt and granola or a waffle. Lunch- typically 2 slices of turkey, string cheese, grapes, some type of chip. She loves PB&J and trying to steal Daddy's sandwich. Dinner- whatever we are eating. We don't cater to her and make 3 separate meals, she knows she gets what she gets. Thankfully she is still a pretty good eater. Snacks- morning snack is usually an apple or rice  cake; afternoon snack is usually veggie sticks or fruit snacks! She also specifically asks for Gluten Free items to be just like Mommy. 
*Social: This little girl is a social butterfly! She still occasionally acts shy when first meeting people but warms up quickly. She loves going out and doing stuff; the park, playdates, library, grocery shopping, you name it. She is hilarious and is always the center of attention. 


Something I wanted to start at age Three with our children was to take a Birthday Survey each and every year. Well, now that our first born is Three, the tradition has officially started! Below are the Questions and Answers from our now Three Year Old! Enjoy!

*Favorite Color: Orange
*What do you want to be when you grow up? A Docta (aka Doctor)
*Who is your favorite pet? Bogey Bear (what about Bailey... she said "no just Bogey Bear"!) haha
*Favorite Animal: Cow
*Favorite Food: Gummies (aka: Fruit Snacks)
*What is your favorite thing to have for Breakfast? Waffles
*What is your favorite thing to have for lunch? Turkey and Cheese
*What is your favorite thing to have for Dinner? TACO TUESDAY (yes she yelled it with excitement!) 
*Favorite Drink: Water
*Who is your Best Friend? Ryan
*Favorite Toy: Shopping Cart
*What is your favorite thing to do? Nuggle Daddy (aka: snuggle)
*Favorite Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
*What is your favorite holiday? Tismas (aka: Christmas)
*What is your favorite thing to wear? Lilly Plinta dresses (aka: Lilly Pulitzer... I can't make this stuff up people!)

Happy Birthday Charli Adele! Mommy, Daddy, and Crew love you! 

Now on to a full day of celebrating! 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charli!! Sweet, sweet girl! Love the idea of the questions, was thinking of that the other day I might have to steal some questions! ;) She really is the cutest! XO

  2. Love that survey! Maybe I'll start that tradition this year, too! Happy birthday Charli!

  3. Awww I love her little survey!! I hope Charli had the best birthday :)