Friday, July 10, 2015

Restmere Terrace:

Well, Steven has officially graduated from Department Head School (Congratulations again honey! I couldn't be more proud of you and all of your hard work. You truly amaze me every single day!) and is finally on his way back to us! With this we can close the door to another chapter in our lives. Our Newport Life was a good life that came with many ups and downs, positives and negatives, but none the less was an adventure in which we loved! We made some amazing lifelong friends and can't wait until we can see them all again. Saying goodbye will never get easy but is one thing we will have to continue to do... Saying goodbye to friends and also to each and every home we live and grow in...

Though we were only there for a short 6 months we made Newport and our Newport house a home for our family and most importantly our children. We celebrated so many firsts not only for Crew but for our entire family there. Between Crew's First Christmas, and First Time in the Snow, to experiencing more Snow and Blizzards within a two month time frame then I would have liked. And though our time there was short, we had more visitors then we could have ever dreamed of having! My mom came to MooportTwiceGrammy VisitedUncle Dodo & Aunt Sush came in for a weekend and then Susie came back, our friends Elizabeth & Brian visited, so did two of my very Best Friends, as well as Uncle Yaya making it up there twice, one of Steven's best friends and his family driving in for the day, and one of my very dear friends Charlotte and her son Auggie! We couldn't feel more love and joy knowing there are so many people who take the time out of their busy schedules and lives to visit us in each new place we go! 

Restmere was not our dream home or anywhere close to perfect. It was pretty small, no real pantry or microwave, the master bedroom was so small that our king size bed could not fit, the master closet was itty bitty, and don't get me started on the bathrooms... small and no storage.  Though there were negatives, there were even more positives and none the less it was home! So thank you Restmere, for watching over us, keeping us safe, and for providing a place that my family could call home! You were a beautiful and quiet culd a sac that our family truly enjoyed! 

Let us remember...

Our Living Room:

But What I will remember most...
*The countless hours that my babies played together and the countless times I cleaned up their toys that were scattered across the floor!

*And where Crew learned to crawl

Our Office:

But What I will remember most...
*This little dude, under our feet every chance he got!

Our Dining Room:

But what I will remember most...
*It providing a spot where our friends gathered to share food, stories, and memories during Brunch's, Baby Shower's, BBQ's, and Parties

Our Kitchen:

But what I will remember most...

*Sharing that first hot chocolate with my baby girl as the snow fell and watching our baby boy take his first bite of food.

*And every breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between!

Our Master Bedroom:

But what I will remember most...
*The weekend morning snuggles as a family, and it being the very spot I came home to from the hospital and being at peace knowing I was home!

Crew's Bedroom:

 But what I will remember most...
*Waking up and seeing the sweetest, happiest little dude ready to take on his day! And that bead head though!

*And all the books that were read before bed each and every night!

 Charli's Bedroom:

But what I will remember most...
*All the fun this little girl had while she was supposed to be napping every day!

Our Basement:

But what I will remember most...
 *The mess upon mess of toys that covered the floor but showed the imagination and creativity of endless hours of playtime. 

*And the many pool competitions that were had while the kids slept!

Our Backyard:
That was enjoyed by family, friends, visitors, neighbors, but most of all, my family! 

So now, though it sits empty and is just another house, that house was our home. Our home that 
our children grew in, learned in, made memories in. Things I will forever cherish and hold close to my heart. 

So goodbye Restmere and goodbye Newport, thank you for all the wonderful memories and friendships we made!

Now it's on to the next chapter...


  1. You made that home beautiful Traci! :)

  2. Your house might have been small but it sure was beautiful with all those memories made in it! I love how you showed the room and then why you love it and what you will remember the most. Good luck on your next chapter and congrats to your husband!

  3. What special memories, truly!!!! Best of luck as you guys move on & congrats to the hubs!

  4. I love this! Such a special post. :) And truly beautiful pictures, as always!