Friday, January 30, 2015

Our Very First Blizzard:

Steven was stationed in Connecticut for a few years so this blizzard business wasn't new to him, but it was for me and the kids! So watching the weather over the weekend and hearing that a potential Blizzard was headed our way had me both nervous and excited since I didn't know what to expect. One of my best friends who lives in Connecticut along with my brothers girlfriend (also in Connecticut) let me know it would be very similar to a hurricane but just A LOT colder and with snow (see, this Floridian knows hurricanes). 

The forecast had Juno (the storms name) hitting our area on Monday lasting through all of Tuesday. So when Steven got home from work on Sunday afternoon we hit up to Commissary (even though we were already well stocked and didn't need much of anything) just to be on the safe side. Our Governor issued a State of Emergency as well as a Travel Ban starting Monday evening lasting all day on Tuesday. Thankfully Steven was home early from work on Monday due to the storm and they were given Tuesday off (and then later were told not to come in on Wednesday due to road conditions), so yay for two snow days with daddy! 

When the storm hit Monday evening it was crazy. The snow, the wind... The winds were something fierce, the snow drifts were crazy (we had drifts taller than Charli), but through it all we stayed safe and thankfully didn't lose power (honestly my only concern with the storm). 

Tuesday morning we woke up to a ton of snow! 

Though we were snowed in up to our waist at all entrances of the house we had to get the dogs outside to go potty... So on to shoveling duty Steven went! He was able to make a path for the dogs. Which by the way they were not fans of all the snow 

Bailey actually fell through the snow and we couldn't see her because there was so much! haha! 

After Steven cleared a path to get outside Charli wanted to get out and help! 

Steven even ran across the street to shovel our neighbors path and front door as there was snow up to his waist. He is pretty amazing I tell you!

 While they were busy shoveling away, I was busy keeping my champagne cold... Priorities! ;)

 After shoveling out the front it was on to the back...

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the warmth of the fire inside and Steven and Charli playing outside in between snow showers and the fierce winds. As evening approached I too was finally able to go outside to enjoy a little fun in the snow as Crew took a little snooze!

By Wednesday morning the storm had passed, the sun was shining, and the snow plow had finally made it to our street!

First things first of course... More shoveling!

 The rest of the day was spent playing in the snow and enjoying what the storm had brought us!

And Crew getting to finally experience the snow for the First Time too!

After both babes went down for their naps, we enjoyed a bonfire, some beers, and all the snow too!!

 Though being outside and playing in the snow was a blast, I think we enjoyed being inside, by the fire, and snuggled up as a family even more!

We have another Arctic front on the way and are expected to get another foot or two of snow between Sunday and Monday! So here is to a weekend full of more snow fun for us! 

Hope everyone had a happy Friday and has a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Wow, up to your waists?! That's a whole lotta snow!

    1. Yeah just in certain parts where the drifts were. Our yard was crazy! I think the average was around 18-20"! Definitely a lot of snow!

  2. So glad to hear yall didn't lose power! That's a lot of snow.. lol. Looks like you guys are enjoying it the right way though.

  3. So glad to hear yall didn't lose power! That's a lot of snow.. lol. Looks like you guys are enjoying it the right way though.

  4. Glad you survived the blizzard and enjoyed it too! It hit for us in Connecticut too, but I think R.I. got the worst of it. Hope you're keeping warm today. If your weather is like ours, we have another "snow day;" this time with sleet and freezing rain. I love the pictures, and you look absolutely gorgeous.

  5. SO many cute pictures, but my favorite is Bailey being like "ooohh heeeeelllllll no, bring me back to the South people"