Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Mom came to Mooport:

One thing that made this move hard for us was having to move during the holidays, and knowing that we were going to be so far from family and friends. We understand that everyone may not have the time or the money to travel to all of our destinations as we move so often, so we feel extremely blessed when we do get visitors, and to get them during the holidays was an added bonus! So to say we were excited would be a complete understatement! Living here not even a month and already having several visitors has truly been amazing! 

My dad couldn't get any time off of work so my mom made the trip solo and we got her for 10 days! We picked her up from the airport in Boston and decided to make a little afternoon out of it since neither my mom nor I had ever been. We grabbed lunch (and drinks, duh), walked around the Market, and to top it off it snowed all afternoon!
It was the perfect "Welcome to New England" afternoon!

My mom's visit was so much fun and special. We tried to make sure we did a good amount of sightseeing and fun things in our new hometown, but also a lot of relaxing family time at home, especially on Christmas. I think we did just that... From lounging around the house, to a Cliff Walk, Wineries, Shopping, a few trips into Downtown (which is less than 2 miles from our house), multiple amazing restaurants, Mansion Tours, even a day trip into Cape Cod. I can't tell you how much we loved having her here and just how sad we were to say goodbye. We enjoyed every second of our time with her and will cherish the memories we made in our first few weeks here! Thank you again mom for a wonderful visit and for being the best Christmas gift to not only our babies but to us as well! 

Here is a look into what we did while
My Mom was in Mooport...

Downtown Shopping and lunch: 

The Cliff Walk:

Time Spent at Home:
Consisting of... 

My husbands homemade enchiladas:

Snuggling and Napping:

Homemade Egg Nog Martinis:

Cape Cod:
*Let me add that we were all so disappointed with this trip... We had made Cape Cod out to be this most perfect beach town, and now grant it we went in the off season, but still... If you have the choice... Don't go. 
(Though we still made it as fun as we could)

Newport Mansion Tour:
The Breakers (The Vanderbilt's Summer House)

Newport Vineyards & Winery:

We had so much fun and miss you already! 
We love you Nana! 


  1. What a great visit! The girls' jogging outfits are just too much! So cute! And that mansion looks pretty amazing!

  2. That stinks about cape cod! I have always imagined it being really cute and cool too. At least the rest of the visit was fun!

  3. I always imagined Cape Cod to be great too.. may be the difference between on and off season.. who knows. Glad you all had fun with your mom!

  4. What a great visit, you guys are the cutest!!!! Happy 2015!!

  5. What an amazing trip, beautiful pictures and forever memories!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful visit! Are you loving your move to Newport? I've always wanted to live there myself... I love the shops and the restaurants. I hope you're enjoying your new home and making many happy memories!