Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Newport Home: Winter Edition:

Being one who absolutely loves interior design and decorating our home I have always found that in January I get stumped on what to do. I have always lived where there hasn't ever been a "true winter" and it is usually starting to warm up around this time so I have never bothered with "winter" decor. Especially since I have always waited until New Years Day to take down our Christmas stuff. So what do you do once Christmas is taken down? January is too early to put out Valentine's decor and I'm not ready to put out my "every day" decor because mine is very Spring/Summer/Nautical and well it is still Winter. So I have always found January to be very plain when it comes to decorating and honestly it has never really been a big deal 
Until now... 

And let me rephrase... It is still not a big deal but since we live somewhere right now where there is snow on the ground as we speak and we will be getting our very first Blizzard tonight/tomorrow... Yes BLIZZARD, I have found that I have wanted to keep a Winter look to our home. 
You will see that I kept a few pieces from our Christmas Decor out because the items didn't scream "Christmas" to me, and felt they tied in perfectly with what I had in mind...Winter Pinecones! 

 I made my winter pinecones by first covering them with Mod Podge, then sprinkling Epsom Salt over them. I let them dry fully before shaking the excess Epsom Salt off that didn't stick. It gives them the perfect snow covered look. For the garland part, I put hot glue on the bottom of the pinecones, glued a strip of ribbon to them, then tied each one to the long piece of ribbon. This gives you the option to move the pinecones to the spot you want when they are hanging, as well as being able to take them off to store individually when Winter is over!  

So if you are like me and can't seem to figure out how to decorate in January here is what I came up with... I am in love with this Winter look in our home and I hope it gives you a little Winter decorating inspiration! 

Living Room:

*As you can see, I kept the Winter Ski pillow out but put the Santa pillows away!

 *I also free handed the chalkboard design!

Dining Room:

Master Bedroom:
*I keep our Winter bedding on until March 

And now we will be hunkering down and prepare for what will be a Historic Blizzard...
Wine, Cheese, Chocolate, Champagne, Fire Wood... I think we are all set! ;)

Happy Monday, Happy Decorating, & Stay Warm! 


  1. I absolutely love your winter bedding!! And all of the pinecones! Good luck with the blizzard tomorrow - I heard it's going to be crazy up there!

  2. Love it! Your house always looks so cute! Hope you all are staying warm!