Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crew's First Snow Day:

 Yesterday's weather was beautiful, sunny, and no wind and though it was still freezing and we didn't stay out very long we still went ahead and bundled Crew up to take him out into the snow for the first time! Big sis of course thought it was the best thing ever and wanted to show Crew all the snow and all the fun things you can do! 

I'll get to all the fun we had during the Blizzard later but for now wanted to share pictures of this scrumptious little dude on his very first snow day! 



  1. OMG, the CUTEST pics! That baby all bundled up is just too much! XO

  2. How sweet is he in that jacket and hat? Ugh, I just LOVE these babes dressed for winter all bundled up. :)

  3. Cute!! I love that our kiddos get to live in all different places and experience everything they have to offer! First snow is a big deal! :)