Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our First Real Snow:

"It's Snowing" I squealed with delight as if I was 5 years old!

This snow business is all new to me as I grew up in Florida my entire life. Yes, I have seen snow, as my family tried to do a ski trip every winter growing up and learning how to snowboard at age 10. This is also something Steven and I try to do with our family as well!
But living in snow... That's a first!

I was hoping for a white Christmas this year but that didn't happen. Although a week later on Jan. 3rd, we got our first "real snow" (it actually snowed the day we moved in and a couple days after, but didn't stick). As it started snowing the other day I couldn't help but be giddy and want to immediately wake Charli up from her nap! haha! Steven went and got her and the pure joy and excitement on her face was undeniably the most adorable thing ever! 


This isn't Charli's first experience with snow though. We took her to Tahoe around 5 months old while we lived in Monterey for our first family winter ski trip and then again last year to Snowshoe
But her excitement this year was even better! 

It has now snowed on several different days, some sticks and some doesn't, but we had enough on the ground to run outside and play in it while Crew was napping! Crew has seen the snow from the comfort of his warm carseat and from the comfort of being inside. We will get him out in it soon enough, and there will be plenty of "baby's first snow" photos, but for now you can enjoy this little lady's joy in getting to play in it! 

And for the record, this next picture was after I asked her if she was having SO much fun...

This was the look I got as she said "YES Mommy!!" haha! 
Well you could have fooled me! ;) 
Although it's probably because she was thinking "ummm duh mom, now let me play, geez"

Bailey & Bogey have also been "enjoying" the snow...
(Please note that I only have a picture of Bailey as I literally could not get one of Bogey because he was running around like a wild banshee, barking at the snow and trying to eat it as it fell!)

And with the snow comes freezing temperatures...
We are under an Arctic Freeze Warning as most of New England and many other places. This morning it was 0 degrees but with the wind chill the "feel like" temps were between -15 and -25... Needless to say we will be enjoying the inside of our home bundled up as we sit by our fire! 
And more snow in the forecast today/tomorrow! 

Stay warm & Happy Thursday! 


  1. Ahhh, welcome to New England!! IT IS SO COLD THIS WEEK, but it inice to see some snow on the ground!! :)

  2. Love it! I always loved snow growing up.. I still do.. to a certain point. I hate driving in it! Everyone becomes silly. Haha.

  3. Seriously just walked outside and froze my face off! UGH for freezing temps.

  4. Love her reaction to the snow! So cute!

  5. We have been having to put vaseline on the kids faces every night. They love playing out in the snow, but boy does the cold wind chap their cheeks and chins! I love Charli's face when you asked if she was having fun. Duh, Mom!

  6. OMG that face when you asked is she was having fun...hilarious! Stay warm!

  7. We still haven't had a chance to enjoy the snow here. There hasn't really been enough on the ground to go sledding or throw snow balls. It looks like Charli loved it...and Bailey and Bogey too. Are you living in New England now? (I really do need to read the rest of your posts...)