Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snowshoe Ski Trip 2014:

I learned how to snowboard back when I was about 11 in good ol' Crested Butte, Colorado and Steven learned to ski in Colorado as well around the age of 14. It wasn't until Steven was already in the Navy that he learned how to snowboard, but took right to it and has been snowboarding ever since. It won't be long until we get Charli on skis and a snowboard! 

Snowboarding is something Steven and I are able to enjoy together during those cold Winter months, and I am so thankful that every year we make a Ski Trip together! Last year was Charli's first ski trip and first time seeing the snow in Lake Tahoe, but this year I knew it would be completely different because she could actually play in the snow and I was so excited!

We planned this trip back in September and were so excited when my best friend Christie and her boyfriend Rich confirmed that they were going to be able to join us! 


We stayed in a ski in/ski out, 2 bedroom condo with fireplace, vaulted ceilings, full kitchen, living room, den, and a private deck. It was amazing! Steven picked the perfect lodge for our family Ski Trip. Despite Christie's finger exploding about 2 minutes after walking into the condo (yes the back door slammed on her finger when a gust of wind came through causing it to explode), and Steven and Rich rushing her to the hospital (that was ohhhh an hour down the mountain), while there was a snow storm going on, getting 8 stitches, and driving all the way back to the condo... 
We were happy to finally be there and be on vacation together!

There was so much to do in the Village and we made sure we did just about everything there was to offer... From walking around enjoying all of the shops, to skiing and snowboarding, sledding, an indoor/outdoor kiddie pool, an indoor gym/arcade/play area for kids, and of course just playing in the fresh powdery snow! 

So here is a look into our entire vacation through the lens of my camera!

 Our View every morning from our balcony:
(A ski in/ski out condo located on top of the mountain)

The Village:

(On top of and in front of the huge snow pile in the center of the village)

(Awww... Loves taking pictures with her Dada!)

(Ohhhhh wait... Mom? Not so much! hahahaha!)

(That's better!) :)

(Is this not the cutest thing ever?! Two little snow people!! He was smitten too!)

The Village at night:
(Daddy stayed back and put Charli down for the night so I could enjoy some friend time)


(A little stop at the Boat House for a beer sprite)

(Thanks so much to Christie and Rich for watching Charli during nap so I could enjoy some boarding with my hubs!)

(Steven even got some night boarding in too!)

But what my afternoons really looked like:

(Spotting the gang getting off the lift from our balcony!)

Playing in the snow:

(I know... It is pretty terrible taking a picture with Mommy... Just wants to play in the snow!)

The Pool:

(Charli's first time sledding)

(And we came to the conclusion that I have no idea how to sled! haha!)

Big Top:
(Children's indoor play center)

Thank you Snowshoe,WV for letting us enjoy your adventures and beauty!
Even though we did get extremely ill at the end of our stay... 
Your charm and scenery will hopefully bring us back in the future! ;)  



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  2. Oh, wow. What an incredible place. Looks like you all had enough fun to last until the end of winter and then some!

    1. We definitely did a lot! And had a lot of fun!! :)

  3. Love all the pics, but a toddler dressed up in a snow outfit might just be the cutest thing ever. I'm not a bit skier, but the sledding looked super fun and your room sounded amazeballs!

  4. Great pictures! Looks like fun before the virus attacked you all!