Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Update: From Jax, back to Charleston, and the Super Bowl:

We had originally planned to head down to Jacksonville on Wednesday evening due to Steven having two consult appointments for eye surgery that he will be having in a couple of months. However, due to the Winter Storm that was going to be hitting Charleston on Tuesday morning (which we did get snow), the base being shutdown due to the storm, and not wanting to risk being stuck due to icy conditions... We decided to pack our bags and head down Monday evening. 
So we spent the week in Jax!

We didn't get to do too much while we were there as Charli has been fighting some kind of cold for the past week and then lovingly gave it to Mommy... And of course I was the only one to catch it... (one thing that sucks about all of the medication I am on due to my Crohn's, is it suppresses my immune system... Meaning I get sick very easily...)


Friday, my mom took off work to spend a girls day with Charli and I while Steven had his last appointment. We headed to the Town Center (outdoor mall) and did some pretty good damage, grabbed lunch, and then headed home! 

After Charli got up from her nap, it was cuddle time with Nana and Bailey...

(Charli is in this stage where she thinks it is OK fun to try and pick up small animals... AKA: Bailey or my parents cat... around the neck.)
Poor Bailey...

We were very lucky to squeeze in two date nights with friends while we were in Jax, and on Friday evening was one of them! We headed out to the beach with some of my best friends to celebrate a birthday, bonfire style!

It was a perfect evening spent with friends... Even if it did get pretty chilly and start to rain as we were leaving! 

Saturday morning, after some breakfast and said our goodbye's, we hit the road back home.
We made it home safe and sound and just in time for nap! 

After naps were had by all, we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening relaxing and unpacking.

Sunday, we woke up to Mommy feeling much better, but a little girl who still had a horrible cough... We decided to miss church and keep her away from any other children, just in case. 

We did end up getting out of the house though for some fresh air since it was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day! 

We walked around downtown for a bit

Then grabbed some brunch

(Charli's favorite thing: coloring!)

That was all the outing Charli needed, so it was back to the house for a nap! 

After she woke up, we let her run around in the backyard because it was too beautiful of a day not to...

Outdoors, dirt, and a shovel... That equals pure heaven for one little girl!

And since Charli is still sick, it meant her and I stayed home while daddy attended the Super Bowl party we were invited to. 
But that didn't mean us girls wouldn't have a party of our own...

 We had all the fixings we needed... 
Homemade wings and all (stay tuned, recipe will be up tomorrow)

We had a perfect little Super Bowl Party and after putting little miss to sleep, I was ready to cheer on my family's Seahawks!!!!!! 

And after 4 amazing quarters, one awesome halftime performance, some great commercials, and trying to spot my family in the stands...

The Seahawks WIN!!!!!!!! 



I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as well!! 


  1. What a fabulous week, minus that darn cold. Your beautiful weather is making me want to move!

    1. Haha! Don't let it fool ya... It was freezing, snowing, and ice everywhere for several days, but then decides to hit 65-70 for a couple of days and it will be back down to cold again! haha! It can get very irritating and confusing! ;)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Darn the sickness though! Hope you're both feeling better today! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am feeling almost 100% thankfully!! Charli is almost there too... Hopefully within the next day or two! :)