Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Valentine's Party Play Date:

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, I knew I wanted to invite a few of my friends and their little ones over to join us for a very simple, yet fun little Valentine's Party Play Date! 
Unfortunately, Katey and Janey were unable to attend due to work schedule and little Paisley got sick, so Heather, Paisley, and Wyatt couldn't be here. But that didn't stop us from having so much fun with our friends Leighton and Tallulah! 

I sure do love any excuse to throw a party...

 "Thanks for being my PAL {e}" 
Valentine's for Charli to hand to her friends!

And a Play Date is never complete without a craft! 
I saw this little craft on Pinterest a while back and knew I wanted Charli to make one.
Heart stamps from a toilet paper roll! 

Supplies you will need:
*Paper (I used card stock)
*Red acrylic paint
*Toilet paper roll, folded to resemble a heart 
(I wrapped one piece of tap around it to hold it together)

 And of course, adorable children to complete said craft!

And the finished product adds the perfect Valentine's touch to one of our Guest Rooms! 

I sure do adore all of Charli's masterpieces she creates!

It sure was a fun, festive, red & pink, sweet treat, kind of party with friends!