Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crafting Chronicles: Turkey Day Crafts:

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving and yesterday being a rainy day here, Turkey crafts seemed appropriate since we were stuck inside all day! 

Craft #1: Turkey handprint

Charli loves coloring these days so I brought out the crayons and let her go to town on a piece of carboard that I was going to use as the backdrop to her handprint!

 Then I painted her hand and fingers and pressed onto the piece of burlap

 Then glued the burlap to the carboard that she colored and tied a piece of rope to the top so I could hang it! 

Cute little craft #1 down... 1 more to go!

Craft #2: Footprint Turkey

Start with cute little baby feet

I then traced Charli's foot onto the brown piece of construction paper
 Then cut out little feathers from the other paper

 Then hot glued all of the feathers together and hot glued the foot turkey to the feathers
Added eyes and a nose 

I love my little turkey's turkeys! 

We are packed up and ready to head down to Nana and Papa's house for the holiday! 
We cannot wait to spend this time with all of our family and friends and are so lucky that it is not a cross country flight this year... Just a short drive away! 
This, I am Thankful for! 

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Charli in Charleston: My First Fall of Leaves:

From Charli's Chair:

These Leaves are falling all around

They're Red, Yellow, Orange, and Brown

They twirl and swirl to the ground

Look at how many leaves I've found!

I have never seen so many of these colorful crunchy leaves before.
I always see my mommy taking pictures of them, so they must be pretty special. 
I love playing with them, picking them up where ever we go, crunching them in my hands or with my feet, putting them in my stroller when we are out walking, and giving them to my mommy and daddy. 

I even learned how to say leaves!

But it is raining today so me and my mommy can't go outside and play with them... 
Maybe my Nana and Papa will have some to play with when we get there tomorrow! 
Oh I hope so!

Do you like to play with leaves?


Until my next adventure...

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo charli

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Style: Fleece Lined Leggings:

 Hello Darling does it again!! 
I am in love obsessed with these amazingly soft, comfortable, and stylish fleece lined leggings (yes fleece lined... does it get any better?)
I bought a couple of different colors from my friend's boutique and with the weather being in the 20s with a high of 48 degrees here in Charleston, I have been living in them! 

I love the look of these taupe leggings, with a simple brown riding boot and a vest! 
Very Equestrian, yet stylish, preppy, and still classic! 

Leggings: Hello Darling Boutique | Vest: J.Crew | Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Boots: Aldo | Watch: Miachael Kors | Bracelet: Tory Burch | Earrings: Tory Burch

Thanks s much for stopping by
Happy Monday!

xoxo Traci

Weekend Update: A weekend with no plans:

We have been pretty busy for the past couple of months with something planned or something to do every weekend, so we were so excited that this weekend we had no set plans, and Steven had Friday off giving us more time together as a family!! 

So Friday morning started off pretty relaxing with our morning walk through the neighborhood. 
The rest of Friday was spent hanging out, pulling all of our Christmas decorations out, and figuring out how in the heck we were going to get our Christmas lights on this roof...

(I grew up putting our Christmas tree and Christmas lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving and this is a tradition Steven and I have started with our own family, but since we will be traveling for the holiday, we wanted to try and get at least the lights on the roof so we had something to come home to!)

We borrowed our neighbors ladder (but it was too short), so we rented a bigger ladder... 
The rest of our Friday was spent running in and out of the house because it kept raining on us and needless to say no lights went up... sigh
So we finished off our Friday picnic style on the floor, eating pizza, in front of the fire, watching a Disney movie for a Friday Family Date Night! 

Perfect end to our Friday!

Saturday morning started off with Steven making some amazing French Toast from my Homemade Bread for breakfast

Then we headed out to Wannamaker County Park for a little trail hike. 
We started out by hitting up the Tot Lot so Charli could run around and play

Then headed out to start our walk!

But not without running up the giant hill first...

I was so excited for this walk because I knew we would see some beautiful colors and leaves!
This Florida girl has never experienced a "true Fall" with leave changing/cold weather until now and I am absolutely loving it! 
I knew I would fall in love with Charleston before we moved here, I just didn't realize how fast I would fall!

Not only is it my first time experiencing a "true Fall", but it is Charli's first real Fall as well (because if you know anything about Monterey, CA you would know they do not have seasons... they have cold, foggy, chilly, foggy, slightly warm for 5 minutes then back to cold, and still foggy). So this little girl has been all about the leaves these past couple of weeks and it is the cutest thing ever! 
She sure loved all of the 'leeeevsh' on our walk and literally tried to pick up every single one! ;)

After our walk we had to make a quick trip to Home Depot.
I mean it wouldn't be a family weekend without some type of errand running right?! 

 Just a girl admiring some tools!

 When we got home, it was lunch and nap for a certain little girl, then Steven and I were back at trying to figure out how we were going to get Christmas lights on the roof without dying...

I made it up on to the roof, shaking, and possibly wetting my pants (I am terrified of heights), as it then started to rain again (shit)... I somehow managed to get back down without falling to my death (seriously why is our roof so freaking tall and steep?). 
When the rain cleared up we headed back out, trying to just climb the ladder all the way to the top...

'Dada? Do you need this?'

That worked for the garage section, but seriously the peaks of the house are so high that the ladder was swaying back and forth... Again, I think we both want to live! ;) 
Needless to say, it is Monday and the lights on the garage are the only ones up... sigh
I'm thinking lets hire a professional! ;)

Sunday morning we woke up to it being in the 20s, so we decided to stay home and stay cuddled up with the fire going! 
Perfect Sunday morning with my little family I tell ya!
We finally made it out to run some more errands... Garden Ridge, Target, Babies R Us, Michael's, and we did have enough time for Bed Bath & Beyond! ;)
Then it was back to the house for a little play time before lunch and nap.
We decided to make Charli her very first leaf pile since she seems to love them so much right now!

 She wasn't quite sure what to do! She picked a few up out of the pile and ran around as happy as a clam!

Oh well... She might not have jumped in them, or ran through them, or made leaf angels... But our little girl sure did love picking them up and running around in the yard, and that is all this momma needed to see! 
And that was the extent to our Sunday and it was perfect! 

We are looking forward to seeing family in just a couple of short days and spending Thanksgiving with our loved ones... That, I am Thankful for! 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!
Happy Monday!