Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Update: Our Weekend at the Ball and a little bit more:

On early Friday afternoon my parents arrived just as Charli was waking up from her nap. Even though we were all very excited to visit with Nana and Papa we had to head off to the Pediatrician for Charli's 15 month check-up (at almost 16 months... but more on her stats and a little 'Charli Update' tomorrow!) Immediately after Charli's doctor's visit, I was off to the hair salon to get my hair styled for the ball by my fabulous hair dresser (whom luckily lives next door to me..Score), then back to the house to get ready for the Marine Corps Ball!

I wish my hubby could wear this more often!
Dinner Dress Blues

You have to love "Movember"... 

Then kisses to my parents for watching Charli for us so we could attend and kisses to Charli as she was basically pushing us out the door! ;)

It was such an honor to be invited to the Marine Corps Ball. I have yet to attend a Navy Ball since Steven and I have been together (we have been out of town every time), so this was a real treat for me! 
As some of you may know the Marines Corps and the US Navy work closely together and are often referred to as the the Navy/Marine Corp Team. I found this out first hand as there were alot of Navy Sailors and a few other Navy Officers there and it is awesome to see the unity between the branches! 

We were seated at the front table and with it being my very first time attending, I loved being able to capture some of the ceremony

The Birthday Cake

Cutting of the cake

It was a great evening spent with some great people!

Love my handsome hunk of an Officer (mustache and all I guess) ;)!  

Oh this... Just getting down to get down! ;)

Me and Kelly

Shaun and Steven

Saturday morning started another Drill Weekend for Steven (courtesy of the Government Shutdown in October), so he was up and at em before the sun came up, while we all continued to snooze! 
Late morning, my parents, Charli, and I headed out to the outlets to do a little shopping...

And some Papa and Charli time on some fun little rides was in order of course...

Charli on the 'Choo Choo'

After a little a lot of shopping, we met Steven out for lunch, then headed back to the house for a relaxing afternoon! 
When Charli woke up from her nap, it was out to the backyard to run around and play, in her new Gator cheer leading outfit that Nana got for her in Gainesville! 

Win or Lose, we'll always wear our Orange and Blue! 
Go Gators! 

Saturday evening was spent hanging out, grilling some amazing fresh caught local shrimp, drinking, and watching football! 
Perfect end to a perfect Saturday with my parents!

Sunday morning started with waffles and coffee, a walk around the neighborhood, Bloody Mary's, some backyard time, then my parents heading out. 
I wish they could have stayed longer, but at least we will see them in one week!
And Thank you so much again for coming up here this weekend to watch Charli for us! 

The rest of Charli and mine's Sunday (since Steven was at work and it was raining) was spent napping and lounging around and watching more football! 
And Sunday ended with me cuddled up on the couch with the man of my dreams! 

And yep, you guessed it... 
Since it was a Drill Weekend our weekend wasn't over just yet... 
We got to spend today with Daddy! 

This morning I let Steven sleep in while I also made him breakfast (best wife ever right?!) ;) then we headed out for a little Monday morning walk before the rain hit

Does it get any cuter?! I think not! 
Charli LOVED walking Bailey and thought it was the funniest thing ever! 

And this? Well this just melts my heart! 
My family, my beautiful little family! 

After nap we decided to have a family outing and headed to Riverfront Park

 Riverfront Park is in the North Charleston area, and this location used to be the old Naval Yard. The city has really made it into a nice little area...
With huge lawns to run around on

A park area and a really awesome swing hanging from an old Live Oak

A boardwalk right on the water

Pointing to the 'Shishies' (fishies)

Looking for more 'Shishies'! ;)

 But what I loved most was that they kept an awesome area dedicated as the Naval Base Memorial

The Lone Sailor Statue

The Homecoming Statue
It was a perfect afternoon spent with my family and Charli had a blast running around looking at everything! 
We finished our day with a family date night and called it a weekend! 

I hope you had an amazing weekend as well! 


  1. First of all, you guys look great! That ball looked like a lot of fun!! I may have to convince Brian to take me to the next Air Force one! ;) Secondly, Charli is just a doll! Love the cheer leading outfit!! And thirdly, I am so jealous you guys are still able to wear shorts!! Hope you guys have a great week!! :)

  2. Yea for being able to attend the Marine Corps ball! You guys looked great! Looks like a fun weekend was had by all. Can Charli come walk Semper?