Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recipe: Gluten Free Bread:

(I have been lacking in this department... My apologies! I haven't posted an 'In The Kitchen' since May)

I am always very excited when boxes get delivered to our doorstep (I mean, who doesn't love getting presents in the mail, am I right?!), but a box that arrived over the weekend wasn't full of clothes, or toys, or jewelry (or diapers)... It was packed full with multiple large bags of Gluten Free Bread Mix (insert happy dance... maybe this is only something someone with Celiac Disease would get excited about?!) ;)

Any who... Pamela's Bread Mix is by far my absolute favorite but is super expensive, so when Steven saw he could order it on Amazon... That he did! Best. Husband. Ever. I tell ya! Pamela's can make anything from bread, to bagels, to pizza crust, pie crust, and so much more. But I was ready to tackle my very first loaf of bread (because if you do eat Gluten Free you would know that GF bread is ridiculously expensive) 
So here we go...

3-1/2 cups Pamela's Bread Mix
1/3 cup oil
1 large egg + 3 egg whites, OR 2 large eggs
2-1/4 tsp active dry yeast or 1 yeast packet (7g)
water (per directions)

Use Kitchen Aid Mixer with whisk attachment. Do not use bread hooks. In a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, measure 1/3 cup oil, crack in 2 eggs, then fill with warm water up to 2 cups liquid, plus add 2 TBSP additional water. Add to dry mix and yeast, then beat with Mixer for 3 minutes on med/high. 

Pout into lightly greased "8X4" bread pan and let dough rest for one hour. Dough should rise but if not, will rise when baking.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Bake for 60-70 minutes
Let sit for 10 minutes

Carefully remove from pan and cool on rack (we just flipped it out onto a serving platter and it worked fine)!

Then slice and enjoy! 

It may just be the little things for this girl... 
But when bread has been taken out of your diet due to you being sick, you cherish something so small so much more! :)

And let me add that it is Delicious!! 

Now, what to tackel next with the remaining 12LBS of bread mix that sits in the pantry! ;)


  1. That looks delicious! Can you do add ins like banana or other fruits? Or rosemary to make it savory?

    1. Yes, yes, and yes!!! I should have added that part to it! :)

    2. Awesome! I might need to look into this. Bread is so expensive here and sometimes I'm not really sure what's in it :-/

  2. While I can't say that I'll make this, it looks like it was yummy! Looks like you have a bunch of baking to get to!

  3. That bread looks delicious!! What a super husband; although, I'm sure he's enjoying the perks of sampling it :)